Friday, June 4, 2010

70's Night / R.I.P. Coach Wooden

Nice night at Dodger Stadium. It was 70's night. We got Dynomite Posters. It actually looks really good. I won't say much now but did want to mention this e-mail from Pedro.

Hello Roberto, big fan of your blog. Leaving the dodger game. Just wanted to let you know Vin Scully came on the Left Field screen and formally announced that Coach Wooden had past away. While the crowd gave a 1-2 minute standing ovation. I feel very lucky to have witnessed that. Just wanted to share that with you and the fellow readers.

Keep up the good work!!!

Thanks Pedro. I was at the game but I missed that part. Here's a YouTube clip. R.I.P. John Woodden. I'll have more tomorrow.

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Romy S said...

Vinny and Coach Wooden, two of the classiest guys who have ever walk the face of the Earth. We have been and are blessed to have lived during their lifetimes.