Saturday, June 5, 2010

70's Night @ Dodger Stadium

Pictures that I shot from last night's game. I missed some shots. Got something funny? Shoot me a e-mail !

Dynomite Posters!
70's Night - Dynomite Poster

Famous Fan, Emma!
70's Night - Emma

I don't know what to say, two fans!
70's Night - Fans

Greg Brady!
Barry Williams "Greg Brady"

Album Covers...

Casey Blake (Kiss - In Beard We Trust)
70's Night - Album Covers - Casey Blake

Jonathan Broxton (Jonathan Springsteen)
70's Night - Album Covers - Broxton

James Loney (Loney comes alive!)
70's Night - Album Covers - Loney Comes Alive!

70's Night - Ramones (Dodger version)

Ethier, Man-Ram & Kemp (The Rolling Stones!)
70's Night - Ethier, Ramirez, Kemp

Ready to laugh? Shots of your Dodgers (70's version)
70's Night - Rafael Furcal70's Night - Manny Ramirez70's Night - Ronnie Belliard 70's Night - Russell Martin70's Night - Jamey Carroll70's Night - Matt Kemp

Like I said, I missed certain shots. Do you have something I didn't post? Share it with us!

Let's do a contest! Do you want a Dynomite Poster? The one featuring James Loney and Casey Blake. The first person to e-mail me gets it. Subject line should be "70's Poster!"

Please participate only if you don't have this poster.

UPDATE! CONTEST IS OVER. I got a winner :) Congrats Hugo! Give me a couple of days. I need to find a poster tube :) I'll ship it as soon as I can!



Paper Boy said...

Great pictures Roberto. Jamey Carroll looks terrible LOL

Hugo said...

Thanks again for the poster, Roberto!

dodgerbobble said...

Damn, Greg Brady looks like crap.

KempKershaw said...

Carroll looks like a C-list pron star, Kemp looks completely in the right era though.

Dave said...

Can't be an authentic '70's night if the Braves beat the Dodgers. Sorry LA.