Friday, May 21, 2010


Do you remember a picture I posted last year of a blanket that said "KEMP IS MY HOMIE" ? Go here if you don't remember...{linked here}

That's a custom made blanket that Lynn created. She was at the game last night and brought a different blanket.

E-mail from Lynn:

omg! Roberto! yesterdays game was great! Kemp saw us and I put up the blanket, and gave it a double take and he realized it wasn't the Kemp is my homie blanket, read it, laughed, and turned to Xavier Paul but he was already walking away. So then the next time they went on the field, as Kemp was walking to us he signaled to us to put up the blanket and called Xavier.

Xavier read it and then laughed. Then Kemp threw us the ball, and of course everyone around jumped on us and we didn't get it =) but it was great to know that they enjoyed the "Xavier is our savior" lol

That's cool that Kemp remembered that blanket. He really thought that was the "Kemp is my Homie" blanket :)

You got to get it signed by Xavier Paul now. Thanks Lynn!


Paper Boy said...

That's very creative!

bluefanforever33 said...

I've seen Lynn before. She's a hottie.

thegreatpiazza said...

cool. I want one of those blankets. How about something like "Xavier is our X-Men"

Fernando said...

The cops let you in that huge blanket? I'm surprised. I'm always getting bothered by the security over stupid things.

Henderface said...

men is more than one man.

paul is only one man.