Sunday, May 2, 2010

Top Deck Experience

Top Deck

A friend e-mailed me tickets for last night's game. He asked me if I wanted them and I said yes. I had only gone to Opening Day before this one. So it's not like I've been going to Dodger Stadium often. It's a little bit hard this year since my wife has a tough work/school schedule. Work in the morning/afternoon and school at night. Leaves the house at 6am and on some days won't get back till 10pm. I guess we won't be making it to that many games till the Summer.

One negative thing about accepting tickets via e-mail is that Ticketmaster charges you a fee. $ 2 bucks per ticket. I'm sure you know this. But I did not know. Crazy huh? I'm not complaining, it's free tickets.

We arrived at Dodger Stadium a bit late. Arrived around 6:20pm. We usually arrive when the gates open but traffic was bad.

The last time I sat at Top Deck was about 15 years ago. I don't really remember much about the game. All I remember was that my cousin took my brother and I to a game. It was Opening Day. It was very hot. A lot of drunks around me. It wasn't that great I guess.

The only reason I go to Top Deck is to check out the Gift Shop, that's about it. But I was ready to have a good time sitting at Top Deck this time.

I was surprised that the tickets were actually very good. Section 11 Row E. It was a great view. Too bad that the rows around me were empty. Not much of a atmosphere. But it was still great. I guess the good part about small crowds is that you can go to the Restroom and Food Stands and come back in a couple of minutes instead of wasting 20 minutes in line.

One bad thing about Top Deck is the food selections. I don't really care since I just eat a Hot Dog and drink a soda. But my wife is into other kind of foods so we had to walk down to Reserve level to get food and come back to Top Deck. Reserve level has much more to offer than Top Deck when it comes to Food.

The game was great too. Nice to see Carlos Monasterios pitch a good game. We needed that plus it's always nice to witness a Andre Ethier Home Run.

Overall, had a good time.



Francisco said...

I sat in the top deck on Friday. I love the view of downtown and the whole stadium from way up there. Can't really complain at $4 a ticket! Though the food selection could be better, its a great place to sit.

Roberto said...

Hi Francisco, yeah the view is nice. Had a good time :)

Falling LEAVes said...

hehe I was sitting across the stadium from you guys in section 6! My friend Angelina got up a few times and I was surprised how quick she came back. And guess what? Usually after the game I take the elevator down to the 5th floor and then take the escalators down to the field. No more. Now even after the game, to go onto the field level you need to have a field ticket :(