Thursday, May 20, 2010

The Rules: Who wants a Ethier Bobblehead?

Let's start this contest! After much thinking and going back and forth with some ideas, I decided to stick with this one. Fans were a bit skeptical that I was going to give away a bobblehead to someone that is not a Dodger fan. I guess something like this happened over at Twitter with the Dodgers.

That's not going to happen here. I guarantee it.

Please do not participate if you already have this Bobblehead. I have no control over this, so please folks...don't be jerks. Let me give it to someone that didn't get one. Karma will come after you! :)

The rules:

I have sold around 340 "Vin Scully Is My Homeboy" Shirts in a 14 month span. The first person to e-mail me a picture of themselves wearing this shirt will win the Ethier Bobblehead. Easy contest. Send me a e-mail now. You give me permission to post your picture in my blog. The subject line should say "I want the Bobblehead Roberto!"

You should know my e-mail by now. If you don't, look for it. :)

I will announce the winner tomorrow or Monday. I'm going to try my best to do it tomorrow but the problem is that I'm having trouble downloading pictures from my laptop. I have to use another computer and I won't be able to do that until the weekend. I will e-mail the winner sometime tomorrow and ask for their address and I will ship it right away.

I will not reply to your e-mails until tomorrow. One more thing, if it's 5pm and you barely read this post, who cares? Send me the picture, maybe nobody has sent me one. I will not announce the winner today.

Good luck!


OHLeyva said...

I'm the soldier that just sent you an email, I don't own one of the shirts but I love the dodgers and I read your blog every single day. I'm at work but I hope I can still win!!!  -Omar

Roberto said...

I got it...

I can't say if someone has sent me a picture or not.

And you are making me feel really guilty because you don't have a shirt and you're serving this great country!

dodgerbobble said...

Roberto you are a great man.

Anonymous said...

I thought this wasn't about money, what if we cant buy the shirt :(

thegreatpiazza said...

hahaha are you dumb?

You see, this is what happens when people try to do something nice. I think his idea was a good one. Give it to someone that has bought a shirt, which means he probably is a dodger fan and he probably is a loyal reader.

Fernando said...

@ truedodgerfan - You make me sick. You are one of those people that tries to ruin everything for the good people. It's his contest, let him do whatever he feels like doing. Go bother another blog.

Roberto said...

Hey truedogerfan...

Where in my post says you have to buy a shirt?

In a way to say thanks, I decided to give away this bobblehead to someone that has already bought a shirt.

I guess people can't do good things anymore.

Hugo said...

dont listen to him Roberto, you are a very nice person!!