Saturday, May 29, 2010

Odd Day in Baseball

What a odd day in baseball. Just things you don't usually see....

Let's start with the Dodgers.

  • Dodgers lose by eight runs. Nothing to talk about. Just a terrible game. View the box score if you want to suffer.
  • Andre Ethier had two hits in his final rehab game. He's scheduled to play Monday for the Dodgers. How about if the Dodgers give away his Bobblehead again? You know, to celebrate his return! :) So what's odd about this? Well, Ethier could have gone to Inland Empire and play for the 66ers like Manny Ramirez did last month. But no, he played Triple-A ball. That's the way it's suppose to be.
  • More odd notes. Denver Police decided to do a Press Conference to tell us that Vicente Padilla will not be charged in domestic violence case. Couldn't they just write a press release. Was it really necessary to do a press conference?

Other odd notes around MLB:
  • Roy Halladay pitched a Perfect Game for the Phillies. It's the 20th Perfect Game in MLB history. It was great seeing former Dodger Juan Castro making some great defensive plays.
  • See this video and tell me if it's funny? I don't know why a lot of Dodger fans were laughing about it on Twitter. Just because it's a Angels player? I guess we all see the game differently. Kendry Morales will have surgery tomorrow. It was embarrassing but not funny. I'm hoping Morales goes through a speedy recovery.
I told you it was a odd day in Baseball. Just things you don't normally see in a single season. We saw all this in one day!


KempKershaw said...

David Huff of the Indians also took a line drive off of the head.

So yeah, weird indeed.

Roberto said...

Yeah someone reminded me on Facebook. I missed it. Looks like Huff will be okay.

Just a weird day!

rai909 said...

hmm maybe Kendry Morales shud ask Ethier for some advice before he hits another walk-off ;)

Yoyyo said...

Hey Bobby,
Very odd indeed my man. What was up with V Padilla n e way? Stay away from drama n don't be another Roethlesberger from yhe Steelers. Wow we lost by 8 runs? Here we go again... C'mon Dodgers!!!