Friday, May 28, 2010

Miller's Tattoo's and other Notes

I wasn't able to watch Thursday's game on t.v. Luckily, Prime Ticket aired the game again at night. I thought it was cool that John Ely received cheers when he left the game. Ely is from Chicago but his whole family are fans of the other Chicago team, the White Sox. I doubt Dodger fans would do that :)

  • Meet your new pitcher, Justin Miller. {linked here} He has a huge L.A. logo tattoo on his back. And to think he played with the San Francisco Giants once.
  • Andre Ethier to start rehab for the Isotopes {linked here}
  • Tommy Lasorda teaches Top Prospect Kyle Russell how to hit. Video {linked here}
  • Reminder: Vote! All-Star Ballot. You know what to do {linked here}

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