Monday, May 24, 2010

Lima Time!

Jose Lima

I was going to a lot of games back in 2004. I witnessed many "Lima Time" moments. I was there when he pitched in the playoffs to get the win. Amazing night.

Jose Lima was probably one of the coolest athletes I have ever met. It wasn't your usual greet and meet events. You can catch him at the Stadium and he would chat with you. Not just little conversations. He would actually talk to you as if you were long time friends.

I'll give you an example. I saw Lima signing autographs (like always) and I came up to him and I asked him about the next series against the San Francisco Giants.

His own words "I'm hitting Barry Bonds in the head"

Then went off for about 15 minutes talking about other subjects. He would always be giving out baseballs and signing autographs. It was so easy to talk to Lima Time!

Pix taken at Petco Park on September 21, 2004


Anonymous said...

Lima was one of the most down to earth and friendly ballplayers I've ever met. Always a pleasure!

RIP Jose Lima

KempKershaw said...

For some reason that looks like Colorado.

Great story Roberto.

R.I.P. #LimaTime

thegreatpiazza said...

R.I.P. Lima Time!

Roberto said...

@ KempKershaw - It does huh? But it's Petco Park. I like that stadium.

KempKershaw said...

Roberto- Petco is beautiful, in a poor neighborhood but the park itself is great.