Thursday, May 27, 2010

Ely with another gem

Man-Ram with the big strike out in the 9th inning...

Cubs 1 - Dodgers 0

John Ely with another great start. He pitched 7 shutout innings in front of family and friends in Wrigley Field. It's too bad his dad didn't make the trip.

It all ended in the 8th inning when Xavier Paul did his best Manny Ramirez impersonation in the outfield. I'm not going to blame X. The offense didn't do much. It's too bad the Dodgers wasted a great outing from Ely.

The 9th inning was a nightmare. Rafael Furcal, strikes out! Manny Ramirez, strikes out! Garrett Anderson, strikes out!

Time to release Anderson?

Dodgers start a three game series tomorrow at Colorado.

Photo: AP


rai909 said...

They gotta have GA moving around, as in playing possibly at first base when Loney ever needs a day

Hugo said...

Ely has been pitching great!

KempKershaw said...

rai909- They need to get rid of Anderson and never let him put on the uniform again. He's been done for years.

He can only hurt the team by playing.

Hugo- Yes!