Saturday, May 22, 2010

Ely Mania continues!

Dodgers 6 Tigers 4

Another nice game from John Ely. He pitched six innings and only allowed two runs. He did give up a walk though! Impressive. Big bombs from Matt Kemp and Casey Blake.

Jonathan Broxton did scare me in the 9th inning but he was throwing the heat!

How about local boy, Brennan Boesch of the Detroit Tigers hitting a Home Run in front of his family. That was cool.

One final note...

Blake DeWitt might be sent down to the minors when the Dodgers activate Rafael Furcal from the disabled list. Are you serious? Just because Nick Green is out of options. We are talking about Nick Green! {linked here}

Photo: AP


KempKershaw said...

Oh man, when I saw the DeWitt comments from Torre, I nearly lost it. I had to hold back when I posted about it and not write F YOU TORRE over and over again.

Seriously though, how can they even consider this?

Oh, and great to see another solid start from Ely.

Roberto said...

Same here.... Let's see what they do today or tomorrow.