Sunday, May 23, 2010

Dodgerfilms Will Never Die

Update from Bobby of Dodgerfilms:

I'm not allowed to film during the games anymore. You all should call the Dodgers and write letters telling them to reverse that decision by Dodger Stadium security, who did that all on their own.



thegreatpiazza said...

I'm supporting you DodgerFilms!

SingleDaddyof2 said...

This might not be a case of Dadger Stadium security picking on a season-ticket holder but maybe a response to a complaint by those organizations who are authorized to videotape games (Dodgers media partners). These home videos promote the Dodgers and the Dodger fan experience. The Dodgers (and maybe their media partners) should partner up with DodgerFilms and officially authorize him to produce his video blog on the MLBlogs Network (home of other great Dodger fan blogs like Crzblue's Dodger Blue World). This is really a golden opportunity for the Dodgers to promote the Dodgers even more--a potential win-win for everybody.

Andy J.

Bobby Crosby said...

I of course agree about the potential win-win aspect, as I said in the e-mail I wrote to Roberto that he showed in his previous post on this subject, but this is definitely a case of Dodger Stadium security acting on their own. If that one security guard didn't suddenly have a huge problem and start telling everyone to make sure I wasn't filming, nothing would have happened, everything would have went on as usual. The security bosses had no clue about any of this and I had to explain the whole situation to them when it was brought up to their level because of that one security guard.