Monday, May 3, 2010

"Blogs are echo chambers"

Jim Alexander of the Press-Enterprise wrote a article yesterday about the Matt Kemp/Ned Colletti feud. {linked here}

He basically agrees with Colletti.'s good to see someone in the Dodgers organization show some passion and demand some accountability.

Yeah, since Kemp has been pitching. He went on about how Colletti needed to do this and since the low numbers of media following the Dodgers, no one will criticize the team. You can read it for yourself.

Then he says this:

Sure, the blogs might call for someone's head, but in many cases the blogs tend to be echo chambers, with the same themes -- management (stinks), the media (stinks), old-school thinking (stinks) -- regurgitated on a regular basis.

I guess Mr. Alexander doesn't read any Dodger Blogs. I think every Dodger blog out there has their own theme. I find different things in each blog that I have bookmarked. I don't see each blog posting the same things everyday.

Also, Alexander is assuming that bloggers are against media and management. That's not true either. Mainstream media reporters like Tony Jackson and Dylan Hernandez do a great job and I read them everyday.

I can be critical of a Player too. I've done it before. I can also write something nice about management. I think Alexander has it all wrong. Maybe he needs to read the blogs on a daily basis instead of assuming.


M.Brown said...

He's no Tony Jackson

Life's a Game said...

Roberto, who is your pick for the greatest Dodger ever? Vote here,

Michael K. Smith said...

Jim who?