Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Rihanna stops at Dodger Stadium

You knew Rihanna was going to stop at Dodger Stadium to watch his "Rude Boy" Matt Kemp on Opening Day.

Is that Dave Stewart on the background!? Former Dodger and now Kemp's agent.

Photos from Daily Mail.


Fernando said...

I was laughing at a couple of girls that were sitting in front of me yesterday. They were just talking bad about Rihanna. You could tell they were just jealous.

Even my girlfriend was laughing at these girls. If Matt Kemp is happy with her, then who cares? I just don't understand some girls.

thegreatpiazza said...

That is Dave Stewart.

Rihanna rockin the Dodger gear!

mrsnichols7 said...

I agree...the only way I'll start hating on her is if she's affecting his field performance. We all know what George Sherill's engagement is doing to him, lol. Otherwise I could care less...I was there yesterday as kinda bothered me that a lot of women are just there to see the guys in a uniform. Girls were flipping out over Ethier in my section...I blurted out loud that I'm sick of girls only contributing shrieks and swoons over these about learning the damn game? I know there are a lot of women who take the game seriously, but there's also a great deal of them who are there to get drunk and fantasize about the guys...its annoying!

Michael K. Smith said...

lol Well there are girls that know this game. I do agree that most of them are there to see the men on the field. Andre Ethier gets the most attention.

Paper Boy said...

I didn't see Rihanna. She came in under the radar, huh?