Saturday, April 24, 2010

Monasterios saves the day

Dodgers 4 Nationals 3

The Dodgers lost yesterday and Manny Ramirez went on the Disabled List. It wasn't a good day.

Today was different. The Dodgers were able to defeat the Nationals and Carlos Monasterios saves the day with 2.2 shutout innings. Clayton Kershaw had a nice game. Xavier Paul, who replaced Ramirez on the roster, was shutout in five at-bats.

Who would of imagine I would say the following: Man-Ram, please come back soon. Ramirez got off to a great start. Batting .415 and showing everyone that he can still hit. Is age catching up on him though? Ramirez is back in L.A. to get treatment on his right calf muscle.

Chad Billingsley will start for the Dodgers tomorrow. What's going to happen if he has another bad start?


Unknown said...

Xavier can hit, he looks intemidated when he is batting. He sure looks more confident when he is in Albuquerque, but he aint in Albuquerque no more. His defense was a litte rough in Albuquerque also. I uess we were used to seeing Repko diving for everything. I hope he does better next time.

rai909 said...

Manny is "clean" now.. thats why his body is starting to fail =/

Greg Zakwin said...

So many pitchers are struggling, it's not just Bills.

He'll be fine, some mechanical changes and pitch selection changes are all that is needed.