Sunday, April 25, 2010

Manny Ramirez @ Best Buy

No, he's not doing a autograph appearance at Best Buy. Keep reading...


Disabled Dodgers outfielder Manny Ramirez returned to Los Angeles on Saturday to receive treatment for his strained right calf muscle.

"I didn't think there was any reason -- and Ned [Colletti, general manager] felt the same way -- to just carry him around, especially going to New York," manager Joe Torre said, referring to the next series with the Mets that starts Monday night. "It'll be a bit of a circus."

Yeah, he got his treatment. Shopping at Best Buy makes you feel better, right? While the Dodgers were playing extra innings yesterday against the Washington Nationals, Manny Ramirez was shopping at Best Buy in Pasadena.

Tweet message from Kelly:

Official manny hatter!!! Uhhhh dodgers are in extra innings and he is "hurt" shopping at my store. Uhhhh

Yesterday afternoon. Pasadena Best Buy. Arrived during the 11th left during the 13th inning.

TwitPic from KellyKelll

Check out those two little kids. You can just imagine what they are thinking, "Oh that's Manny!"

How do you feel about this? He's back in L.A. and he can do whatever he feels like doing, no? As long as he's going through his treatments. So what did Man-Ram buy?

Thanks Kelly for the Twitter message!


thegreatpiazza said...

That's a team player right there! I'm positive he was watching the Dodgers on the big screens of Best Buy. Not!

Michael K. Smith said...

It doesn't bother me. Ramirez is back in L.A. and he can do anything on his free time. He was there to buy dvd's. He's bored at home.

kat said...

I agree, I don't think there is anything wrong with him being at Best Buy. If he was doing horrible in the first few games, maybe. but he has been doing great. It's just best buy

jesus said...

what is wrong with going to mall or best buy. Its his free time let him do what he wants unless its something where he can get injury like rock climbing or something like that

jesus said...

man my grammer sucks i type too fast and comment without reviewing my comments

Eric "NiƱo" said...

it doesn't bother me the slightest. He's hurt, he's at home, there's not much else he can do while he's injured. There's only so much batting practice he can take in a day.

Sure, he can watch the game on TV.

But when you get sent home from work do you turn on the TV to keep tabs on whats going on at the office? No, so why should he. It's not like he can phone in a pinch-hit or a homerun.

Just let him be a man and enjoy BestBuy like the rest of us!

KempKershaw said...

God, people will go to any lengths to hate on Manny.

If he blew off treatment, then yeah it's a problem. But he's allowed to have a life.

Roberto said...

Yeah I don't have a problem with this. I heard he bought the complete set of "The Sopranos" :)

Fernando said...

manny being manny

KempKershaw said...

Roberto, I think Manny was actually buying the first season of Glee. He's a big fan apparently.


Roberto said...

Glee!? haha