Monday, April 26, 2010

Let's Play Two!

Joe Torre telling the reporters to leave because they are not going to play :)

The Dodgers/Mets will not play today due to rain. They will play a doubleheader tomorrow starting at 1pm.

  • Tony Jackson of ESPN L.A. has a profile on Ned Colletti. Check it out. {linked here}
  • Don Mattingly's Hometown newspaper has a article on him. {linked here}
  • I enjoyed reading this interview. The Sporting News interviews Andre Ethier. {linked here}
  • Dodger great Tommy Davis signing autographs this Saturday {linked here}

From Dylan Hernandez of the Times:

There were even some grumblings in the clubhouse about how Ramirez was allowed to return early to Los Angeles.

Why? They found out about Man-Ram's shopping day at Best Buy? {linked here}

I don't care. It didn't bother me. Like others said, he was allowed to return. It's his free-time. You are bothered because he wasn't in his house/apartment watching the game on T.V.?

It doesn't matter.

Doubleheader tomorrow!

Joe Torre Pix: AP


Fernando said...

We will take both games tomorrow!

Paper Boy said...

Yes we are. Can't wait till they come back this weekend.