Friday, April 30, 2010

"Kemp needs direction and attention"

You knew this was going to happen. The Anti-Kemp stories.

Kemp is viewed by everyone around the team as "good kid'' and who works hard.... but still needs direction and attention.

Kemp's inconsistent attention span

From Jon Heyman of Sports Illustrated. {linked here}

Oh yes, poor Matt Kemp, he needs attention.

You believe that crap? I believe Heyman needs some attention.


Michael K. Smith said...

Heyman is always making up stuff. Ignore him. Kemp will be alright.

KempKershaw said...

Heyman is a know-nothing idiot.

Dave said...

I have to disagree. I think there's a lot of truth here. No one can deny that Kemp has always had concentration problems and makes stupid mistakes (though I don't think it's because of the contract).

There is no leadership on this club. Torre is hands-off and continues to make baffling lineups and bullpen movies, and no one seems to be taking control of the turning things around.

Oh, for new owenership and management!

LopezSkaterGirl said...

Everyone needs to back off of Matt Kemp. All this negative "attention" isn't going to do him any good. So he's made a few mistakes big deal. Everyone goes through it. But I gurantee that he will pull through and be better than before. And when he is he will probably, unfortunately, say bye to the Dodgers

bluefanforever33 said...

@ Dave - So pick on Kemp? We got other problems. The pitching was terrible until lately. Colletti can blame Kemp because we're in last place? Blame himself for the team he created.

A said...

Here is what I have always thought about writers and announcers:"They don;t know more about baseball than the above-average fan;they may have acess to information about players and teams that the average fan does not have BUT they don't necessarily know more about the game than the fan does"
Now this guy Heyman states:" With no money to spend on veteran stars, the Dodgers appear to have a leadership gap in their clubhouse now, which could prove problematic for a team that relies so overwhelmingly on young talents."
But he does not mention how remarks by the General Manager (the Big Guy upstairs in the 3 piece suit) can affect this young talent and the morale of the team particularly when they are struggling. Maybe Colleti had more to do with a young kid who was trying to prove something when he misplayed that ball.
And should the team pay out money to have leadership in the clubhouse? That is a debatable point.Why does the team pay managers and coaches? Is not leadership from older big leaguers expected from these guys.
Two of their most prominent veterans, Hall of Fame-caliber slugger Ramirez and Opening Day starter Vicente Padilla, are generally thought ill-suited to lead the kids. One Dodgers-connected person said he doesn't believe Ramirez or Padilla has been a negative clubhouse influence but (Padilla is actually said to have been a positive influence on rookie pitcher Carlos Monasterios, who gets his first start Saturday), and Ramirez does indeed demonstrate the importance of hitting work and provides an offensive anchor (not to mention needed levity).

Poor Heyman! He can't make up his mind of what to say.
Kemp is surely the most infuriating to his bosses.BUT Friends also say Kemp "respect[s] the hell out of Mattingly,'' and the two seem to have a great rapport inside the batting cage.

I have had enough of this guy.

Roberto said...

@ A - Good points. I was going to say the same thing. He can't make up his mind.