Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Kemp is a Monster

I still remember 2006 or 2007 when a couple of my buddies would say "We need to trade Matt Kemp, he strikes out too much, we can get a good pitcher for him". Do you remember those years? You could even read those comments on forums or blogs back then. And I would say "What? Kemp? No, no, no!"

Matt Kemp is a monster boys and girls! Last year he proved to everyone that he's the real deal but I believe he is now catching the eye of every Baseball fan. Kemp is on fire. He already has 7 bombs with 20 rbi's and batting a cool .333!

Kemp has had a hit in every game this season except April 9th against the Marlins. He has been on base in every game. He has a RBI in 10 out of 14 games.

Fine, let me give you a negative stat. He has been caught stealing 4 times. I guess he's desperate for 40/40!

This is awesome. Seeing someone grow up so quickly within the Dodgers organization and becoming a true superstar.

You know what else is awesome? You can actually root for Kemp. He's a people's person!

Wow, is that a man crush or what?

I saw the replay of Matt Kemp's Homer and my wife caught it and said "What is Rihanna giving him?"

I don't know!


dodgerbobble said...

I think many of us have a man-crush on this guy. He has blossomed in front of our eyes.

The crazy thing is, he's only gonna get better.

thegreatpiazza said...

I love that excitement Roberto. Kemp is ours dude!!

Roberto said...

@ dodgerbobble - Oh yes! :)

@ thegreatpiazza - Yeah man, he's with the Dodgers! :)

rai909 said...

remember when they were thinking of trading him to the twins for johan... dang.thank God that never happened... hes a superstar now =]

Roberto said...

Oh yeah, there was some crazy rumors out there. Kemp is here to stay!

johnnie b. baker said...

maybe rihanna's giving hm the same thing kate hudson gave to arod!

bansky21 said...

yeah man, i remember goin to games and hearing peeps saying nothing but negative comments on the guy ... i think those are the same guys selling out his jersey at my local shops ?? haha, i knew he was gonna make his mark in LA, kudos to kamp, glad to have had his back since 1st AB !

dodgerdanny21 said...

Agree Roberto... I remember hearing the trade talks also. Sometimes the best trades are the ones you don't make. Although trading Billingley for a Halladay or Cliff Lee would have been smart now. We'll see about Chad? I think a wake up call to the minors might be in order if he has another bad start. Kemp is a BEAST, All but one HR have been to center or right. I wish the Dodgers would have locked up Kemp & Ethier longer then 2 years like the D-Backs did with upton, or the Rays did with Longoria, or the Brewers did with Braun, etc... Kemp could be a Stud after 2 seasons and then head over to NY or Boston in free agency because we all know the Dodgers can't afford anything. Keep up the good work Roberto!

Eric "NiƱo" said...

@Roberto - i said the same thing as your wife last night when he hit the home-run. He is LA's MONSTER and its so much fun to watch him play. If i played pro ball he's the kind of guy i want to play like.

I have to admit though that when he came up i was a hater. I didn't like the lack of patience he had at the plate and i constantly compared him to Serrano from Major League. I also assumed that he would be trade bait as i figured the Dodgers would rather dump him off on someone elses lap. He proved me wrong last year from the get-go and I love the fact that he did it he developed & matured so fast it was almost super-human . I am a MK fan down to the bone and i have no problem admitting that i was once a hater.

Roberto said...

@ johnnie b. baker - Yeah! Maybe!

@ bansky21 - I remember exactly all those people that used to hate on Kemp!

@dodgerdanny21 - Thanks!

@ Eric - It's ok, we all make mistakes. The good thing is that the Dodgers didn't make the trade and Kemp is here for now! :)

Henderface said...

i never had anything bad to say about kemp, just once or twice in those base running blunders.

other than that i always had his back 100% .

however im always up to trade Martin and sometimes Loney.

I Feel Like Martin Needs To Go :(.

kat said...

Henderface: Martin is stepping up the game this season. No need to trade him and the chemistry with him and the guys, ethier, kemp, everyone is too good to ruin. They started together and they need to win together. Makes it that much better when they do.

Anonymous said...

I have always knew Matt was going to become a superstar but it was gonna take a year or two. Just hoping they wouldn't trade him away. That was when he first came up. I was lucky enough to meet him at a Laker game. Good thing my gf had to use the restroom, while I waited outside with her little brother. Saw him walking towards us got to shake his hand and have a quick chat with him. Lets put it this way even my gf's brother(who's a diehard angel fan) has become a Kemp fan since that interaction. Class act all the way.