Sunday, April 4, 2010

"Keep The Dodgers In Brooklyn"

I got a e-mail from a friend (thanks chuy) asking me if I was watching the Yanks/Red Sox game. He then mentioned that someone came out on the field to sing and had a dark jacket and the back of it had the words "Keep the Dodgers in Brooklyn"

He sent me this picture.

I didn't see this live. I was with my wife's family eating dinner. I did see the first couple of innings. I found out you can actually see these games on

So who is that?

It's Neil Diamond, singing "Sweet Caroline" I'm sure you know they play this song at every Red Sox game.

From NESN:

Singer/songwriter Neil Diamond made a surprise appearance during the Red Sox' season opener against the Yankees on Sunday night, belting out his hit "Sweet Caroline" as the Fenway faithful sang along.

Wearing a dark sports jacket with the message "Keep the Dodgers in Brooklyn" written on the back, the 69-year-old Brooklyn native connected with the fans who regularly use his song as a late-inning rallying cry.

Is Diamond okay? Was he living under a rock for over the last 50 some years? I did find the video of this performance.

I wouldn't be surprised if YouTube takes down this video. Enjoy it...



Paper Boy said...

Poor old man. I don't know what he was trying to prove here. Dodgers have been in L.A. for 50 plus years.

thegreatpiazza said...

I didn't get that either.

ernest said...

Neil is an old-time Brooklyn Dodger fan. He's not trying to prove anything, excepts that he is a Brooklyn kid who still pains for the old Dodgers. This is very common from old Brooklynites. I once dated a gal whose father was from Brooklyn. He had despised the Dodgers for leaving. It took moving out to California and nearly 30 years to find his Blue love again.

As some may know, Neil Diamond actually owes his career to the Dodgers leaving town. He got so depressed his folks got him guitar lessons to cheer him up- and the rest is history.

Homer said...

This is the website where they sell that... They have some cool sports stuff. I like the "Rated Rookie" shirt. Check it out