Wednesday, April 7, 2010

I like this lineup

Dodgers vs Pirates
Time: 4:05pm
TV: Prime Ticket

Starting Lineup for the Dodgers

1. SS Rafael Furcal
2. CF Matt Kemp
3. RF Andre Ethier
4. LF Manny Ramirez
5. 1B James Loney
6. 3B Casey Blake
7. 2B Blake DeWitt
8. C Russell Martin
9. P Clayton Kershaw

I like this lineup! Get the win Kershaw!


Timothy said...

Not off to the best start. Jones is killing us. Good thing its early. Kershaw looked to settle down after that one.

Roberto said...

Who does Jones think he is? Barry Bonds!? :)

Anonymous said...

we need the big tomato

Timothy said...

looks like the lineup change is starting to pay off. Let's hope Loney can get his first hit of the year tonight.

Way to go martin. Opposite field home run. Have to love that.