Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Happy Opening Day! (again)

Good morning. I hope everyone is well and excited to visit Dodger Stadium. Quick notes before I start getting ready.

If you're not going to Dodger Stadium, you can start watching Dodgers coverage at 12pm on Prime Ticket.

If you are going to the game, all Dodger Publications will be on sale. Jonathan Broxton is on the April Dodgers Magazine cover.

The 2010 Los Angeles Dodgers Yearbook will also be available for the first time on Opening Day. The yearbook’s cover showcases the downtown Los Angeles skyline and stays true to the Dodgers’ My Town theme. The yearbook includes a 12-page feature highlighting some of Dodger Team Photographer Jon SooHoo’s favorite shots. SooHoo is celebrating his 25 anniversary with the organization.

The first playbill of the season also premieres Tuesday and features a cover shot of Dodger great Don Newcombe with Matt Kemp, who is wearing number 42 in honor of Jackie Robinson Day. Also inside are other features, ticket information, promotional information and valuable offers for Dodger fans.

You can find more info on Opening Day by clicking here.

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dodgerbobble said...

Happy Opening Day, again.

Let's hope the Dodgers get the win today.

I'll be at the stadium too. Enjoy the game.

Romy S said...

Go Blue! Time to turn the season around.

Life's a Game said...

Manny and Blake, Andre and Matt OH MY! Nice start to some home cookin'. GO BLUE!

Vin Scully is My Homeboy is the bomb!

rai909 said...

yo roberto... did u notice that they changed the homerun song? :( WTF.... i like the old one better, kernkraft 400 stadium chant =]

Roberto said...

@ rai909 - I did not notice! But I did notice the Rihanna music... I'll have a blog post later.

rai909 said...

haha bagging on kemp... yea the cd must've been scratched or something for them not play the kernkraft lol .... but they put this one instead, Rock and Roll part 2 - Gary Glitter

Eric "NiƱo" said...
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