Friday, April 2, 2010

Game Recap: April 1 - Dodgers vs Indians

I wasn't planning on going to this game. I told myself I'll just wait until Opening Day. I didn't really have a desire to watch a exhibition game at Dodger Stadium.

I woke up and I checked my e-mail. I received a e-mail from Alan. He reads my blog and he wrote to invite me to the game. He said they were great seats (baseline!) and free food.

How can I reject that? Seriously, how can you? Who cares if it's a Spring Training game. Plus I've never sat there before.

Right away I responded his e-mail, "Yes Alan!"

But wait, who the hell is Alan? What if he's a stranger and I get kidnapped or something? Then I remember that today is April 1st. What if this was a cruel April Fools Joke? How sad.

I quickly checked his e-mail and searched if he has written to me before. I never erased e-mails from readers. I know it's weird, but I don't. I noticed we have exchanged e-mails before. Then I was starting to remember who this Allen guy is. He gave me a autograph Tommy Lasorda ball last year. Everything was clear now. There would be no problem with Allen.

I got to Dodger Stadium early. Met with Allen and waited for the gates to open. We watched batting practice. It was the Indians turn. We didn't really watch the Dodgers practice.

Dodgers GM Ned Colletti telling Sportscaster Jim Hill "Don't worry Jim, we will win the championship this season!"

Sandy Alomar Jr. He actually played for the Dodgers briefly in 2006.
Sandy Alomar Jr.
This is awesome. Tim Belcher. He pitched for the Dodgers and actually won a game in the 1988 World Series. He's now the pitching coach for the Indians.
Tim Belcher
Jhonny Peralta. Indians young star.
Jhonny Peralta
After this, we went over the to bar on the field level (left field) You basically have your own restaurant. I've never been inside so this was all new to me. With your baseline ticket, the food is included.
Where can you get Turkey? Or a great salad? Other items included hot chocolate, hot dogs, chocolate chips and much more.

More pictures...

The Dodgers lost. I still had a great time though. Something different.

Big thanks to Alan! Thank you. I owe you.

If you've never sat in the Baseline seats, you need to do it. At least once in your lifetime! It's a great experience. I know they are a bit expensive but I would say it's worth it.


Falling LEAVes said...

totally agree with you there. If you ever get the chance to sit in the baseline... go for it! Dugout club? Even better! I totally lucked into sitting in the baseline seats once last year ... the one time you spotted me on TV!

Life's a Game said...

Off the charts Roberto. Great post! Sounds like a great time was had by all. Getting so excited about this season I can hardly stand it. Great news about DeWitt huh? Take it easy buddy and have a great weekend!

Mr. Carter said...

I'm just glad you didn't get kidnapped :)

The 90090 said...

kidnapped?? hahaha. Glad you had fun. If you didnt go, the ticket would have gone to waste. I couldnt find anyone to go with me.

DodgerBlueEd said...

Hey Alan, anytime you got an extra ticket ill go, haha.

Roberto Baly said...

@ Falling LEAVes - I remember. I did spot you on t.v. lol

@ Life's a Game - Thanks! Yeah I'm glad DeWitt got the job

@ Paper Boy - Me too :)

@ Alan - Thanks Alan!

Michael said...

Great post Roberto!

thegreatpiazza said...

I've been there once. You right, it's a great experience. Too bad it's very expensive.