Monday, April 12, 2010

Free Dodgers Tickets: 76 Offer

Got this info while pumping gas at the 76 station.

Get two free Dodgers tickets:

With four fill-ups of 10 gallons or more

Fill-up with a minimum ten (10) gallon purchase of any grade fuel four (4) times for two (2) tickets or eight (8) times for four (4) tickets.

Games that you can select:

May 9th vs Colorado
May 20th vs San Diego
June 1 vs Arizona
June 7 vs St. Louis
July 6 vs Florida
August 8 Washington
August 19 vs Colorado

Go to your Southern California 76 Gas Station for more information.

1 comment:

Richie said...

I can't find any info online. Do you know a number I can call for this. I sent in my receipts but have not heard anything and the game I am wanting to go to is Monday!