Monday, April 26, 2010

Ethier Cuts Off The Swoosh

Andre Ethier likes those Nike undershirts. But he has a problem. Ethier has a sponsorship with Easton and those Nike undershirts has the Swoosh. So what can Ethier do? Take out the Swoosh! Surgery time!

I was wondering if it was a female fan biting his shirt off or something! Now we know, it's Nike's fault :)

Pix Via ESPN


Paper Boy said...

Easton will not be happy about this. Kinda reminds me of Michael Jordan. When he had to cover a addidas logo during the Olympics.

Michael K. Smith said...

Hey Roberto, enjoying the blog. Keep up with the great info!

rai909 said...

the angels have taken the dodger homerun song -kernkraft 400- lol, random, i know, but it got on my nerves