Monday, April 12, 2010

The Dodgers are in last place!

Just wanted to get that out of the way.

I didn't watch the last two games live. I did catch the replay though. I like it when Prime Ticket does that. Even if I already saw the game, it's nice to see it again in case I missed something.

This bullpen is giving me headaches. Hong-Chi Kuo and Ronald Belisario would help out a lot right now.

What's wrong with George Sherrill? Maybe he's thinking too much about the wedding.


The Dodgers are back in Los Angeles. Opening Day is tomorrow. Forget about the 2-4 record and enjoy Opening Day. As fas as I'm concerned, the season starts tomorrow!


dodgerbobble said...

Amen Roberto. Can't wait for Opening Day.

LA4LIFE said...

I'm gonna take credit for influencing this post :) I'm just saying... hahah, I CAN'T WAIT FOR TOMORROW!!!

Roberto said...

Yes! So true! :)

KempKershaw said...

Two things:

1.) Brawl at Saturday's game
2.) Chan Ho Park is WAYYYY to honest.

thegreatpiazza said...

Everything goes downhill after a engagement lol

M.Brown said...

What he said ^^^^^^

Paper Boy said...

Single for life!r

Roberto said...

lol That's because you got the wrong lady :)