Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Do you need Opening Day tickets?

To all those that don't have Opening Day tickets. I have a important update!

Hey, maybe the Dodgers don't want you to know this. They keep showing this advertisement. The only way to get Opening Day tickets is with a Mini Plan or if you get season tickets.

Well let me tell you a little secret.

If you do need Opening Day tickets, go to and go to the schedule, click on Opening Day and purchase your tickets now! I don't know if it's going to work after today so I would suggest to buy tickets right now.

I told this to a friend about 30 minutes ago who kept crying that he wanted to buy Opening Day tickets but didn't want to buy a Mini Plan. He just can't afford it. He didn't believe me but I told him what to do. He did and he told me he was able to find two field tickets (section 47)

Field tickets? Can you believe it? That's cool. He also says that he checked if they had cheap tickets and he was able to get Top Deck tickets for his four brothers. I believe him because I just checked myself. They still have field tickets. I also noticed Reserved tickets. I didn't see any Top Deck seats though.

Well now you know what to do. Do it quick before they sell out!


thegreatpiazza said...

Thank you Roberto!!! Just got 3 tickets in the loge section. Thanks for posting this. Are you going?

Roberto said...

If I feel better, I will be there! If not, then it's not my year :(

I didn't start off that great this year lol

Paper Boy said...

I guess I read your post too late. I just checked and it's not letting me!!!

But thanks Roberto, I will keep checking.

Roberto said...

Keep checking! Maybe too many people are going there now and it's not going through. But keep trying!

Fernando said...

Got two tickets, field level section 49! Thanks Robert

Roberto said...

No problem Fer!

bluefanforever33 said...

They are still selling them guys. Just giving you the heads up. I was able to snag one ticket in lower reserve.

Michael said...
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3po1nt0 said...

hope they eventually do this for the yankees series in june!