Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Colletti talks to Kemp

Ned Colletti spoke with Matt after the game.

From ESPN L.A.

"I told him I didn't single him out, the same thing I told [the media] earlier," Colletti said after speaking with Kemp. "We had a five-minute conversation."

Asked if it was a two-way conversation, Colletti said it was. Asked if everything was fine between him and Kemp, Colletti simply said, "It's fine with me."

Fine, he didn't single him out. He still had harsh comments about Kemp when it's obvious that there are other major problems with this team.

Kemp didn't want to talk about it with the media.

"I ain't got nothing to say about that," he said.

Pressed on the matter, Kemp spoke only cryptically.

"It doesn't matter to me," he said. "It's all good. People can say what they want to say. I just work hard and try to help this team win."

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Final note:

I've been thinking all day trying to figure out what Colletti said. I say to myself "Okay let me review all this again, maybe Colletti has something"

But he doesn't. He is so wrong on this. This part makes me sick...

"Some guys, I guess, think that they're better than they are... "Why is it? Because he got a new deal?"

The dude is not making $20 million this season! He has ways to go before making big money. $10 million for the next two years is nothing for these players! I'm sure he's going to get a huge paycheck in the next couple of seasons. Kemp is going to relax because of this deal!? No way!

Kemp Stats - .292 with 7 Homers and 20 RBI's. He is tied with other players in leading the N.L. with seven Home Runs. Is in the leader board for RBI's.

Of course there could be improvements. His OBP is not that high but please remember that we're still in April.

I just hope Kemp doesn't remember these comments when other teams bid for his services.

For your New York Yankees..... Matt Kemp!


Dave said...

Kemp is gone as soon as he's able, and it kills me how Frank and Ned have screwed this up.

thegreatpiazza said...

I cried when Mike Piazza got traded. I don't think I can handle a trade like this again. If they ever lose Matt Kemp, that will be the end for me as going to Dodger Stadium. I'm sorry.

Fernando said...

Enjoyed all the Colletti/Kemp updates all day. Made my day at work pass by quicker.

Matt Kemp will have a strong homestand!

Paper Boy said...

I agree with you Roberto. Colletti sounds very nervous. Blame the pitching!

Bryan said...

that last line made me sick. If he leaves and joins a different team, I will be incredibly upset.

Offense is the one thing we have going, if Ned doesn't like losing he should try to improve our pitching.

Roberto said...

I'm sorry Bryan. I hope it doesn't happen.

Bags said...

First time reader and commenter here.

I'm a Mets fan who grew up in Vero Beach and watching the state of the Dodgers makes me sad. The McCourts should sell the team and let better people own it.

Lastly and I know I will catch slack, but I watched all three games and I got to tell ya, Kemp was slacking in center. He just wasn't running hard after balls hit int he gap and should be called out on it. He's a leader if if it's that clear someone isn't huffing it out then there's a problem.

That being said it should be done in the media NOR by the GM. That's Torre's job. And seeing as Coletti had a chance to clear it up but did't really do it I feel that situation will only get worse. It's sad too.

There's no reason this team should be int he state it is in. The McCourt's should be ashamed of themselves for not improving their pitching. Wolf wanted to stay, Lackey wanted to stay out west and could have been a perfect candidate for their rotation. And they gave you guys Padilla?

It's sad. As I said I am a Mets fan but the Dodgers have a special place in my heart having grown up around their farm and spring training home. When I saw how they treated Vero Beach I knew the McCourts were bad for this team.

All that being said this team could still win the West and could still hopefully deal for an arm or two. So all isn't lost, it's a long season, keep the faith.

Roberto said...

Interesting comments Baggs. Thanks.