Friday, April 30, 2010


Chase Field is way nicer when the roof is open. When it's closed, it looks like you're playing Baseball inside a Costco.

I hate it when people say "Don't mix Sports with Politics". Why not? Why are you afraid? It's your opinion. So I have to share this with you.

I was telling a friend the other day that the Dodgers will be at Arizona during the 4th of July weekend. It would be a great time to drive up to Phoenix and watch the Dodgers kick some butt. I enjoy road trips. I made a trip up there last year and also went to San Francisco. Good times.

Then news recently came that Arizona doesn't know anything about basic human rights. There are many people that want to boycott Arizona and is even asking Bud Selig to move the 2011 All-Star game from Arizona. I think that's going a bit too far. I did sign the petition but I don't see Selig doing anything about it.

I think being stopped in the street just because of the color of your skin is wrong and it’s a violation of human and civil rights.

Since I'm a citizen of this country, I have nothing to be scared of on this situation. But if I can affect the economy of Arizona a bit, then I will not be driving to Arizona on the July 4th weekend.



Michael K. Smith said...

I agree. Also, MLB Players union believes this law sucks.

bluefanforever33 said...

I'm with ya. Boycott Arizona!

KidCuba said...

Here we go again. You sound like the rest of the "LIB" media. Read the law before you spout off about it. Lets just stick to baseball.

Roberto said...

Coño kid, I did read the law. Why stick only to baseball? If you believe in something, say it :)

french fri said...

You should stick to baseball tho. Its annoying enough that we see it splashed all over the news, espn and stuff. We come here for a different view of baseball, not politics.

You're absolutely free to do what you want. But just a view from a follower/reader.

Roberto said...

I respect your opinion. Thanks for reading. I appreciate that :)

KidCuba said...

You said..."I think being stopped in the street just because of the color of your skin is wrong and it’s a violation of human and civil rights." The law states that a law enforcement official must have reasonable suspicion a crime or violation has been committed before anyone can be stopped and detained. Then, and only then, can the official make inquiries upon a person's immigration status. Your above comment is irresponsible.

erik said...

KidCuba, you can be pulled over or stopped on the street for just about anything, which will then justify in a citizenship confirmation. This affects baseball tremendously and to ignore it is ridiculous. Boycott Arizona.