Thursday, April 15, 2010

#42 Will Be Everywhere!

It should be a great atmosphere at Dodger Stadium tonight. It's Jackie Robinson Night. Big stars are coming out tonight. Don Newcombe, Frank Robinson, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Tommy Davis and others will pay tribute to the great Jackie Robinson.

I'm a little upset that MLB is doing the big party at Yankee Stadium tonight.

From that link, you can find this quote from Vin Scully:

"I remember in spring training of 1950, and traveling with him was quite an adventure. We would play in the Deep South, and the black fans would come by the numbers in these small ballparks, and they would be standing in the roped-off outfield," Scully said Thursday night.

"And when Jackie would be shagging flies or taking infield, he was very sensitive to the behavior of the black fans. Some of them overcelebrated his arrival, and Jackie was quite upset at them and would lecture them: `This is not what it's all about.' And it was remarkable that he could do that, still play and play well," he said. "But he was so socially aware of the attitudes and the behavior of the black fans. It had to be tough for him. He received threatening letters and all that stuff."

We need a win. I'm just hoping it's not a five hour game. I need my sleep! Enjoy the game everyone!

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