Monday, April 12, 2010

10 Links to check out

The paint is dry.

What's going on around the web?

  • Mike of The LFP went to Pittsburgh last week to catch the Dodgers {linked here}
  • Catch this new blog titled "dodgerbobble" Great stuff {linked here}
  • Just because Steve Garvey went to a Angels game, it does not make him a Angels fan. I visit Angel Stadium a couple times per year. It's not a big deal {linked here}
  • Mr. Dilbeck, I agree on this one. Why the off days? {linked here}
  • Victoria's Secret MLB Clothing line is available online now {linked here}
  • The facebook fan page! Almost 2000 fans. Suggest it to all your Dodger buddies. Thanks {linked here}

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James said...

Robert - My post about Steve Garvey being a closet Angel fan was a joke. I thought anyone reading that would realize that. I think that even the "Sons of Steve Garvey" blog thought it was somewhat funny.

bluefanforever33 said...

Just became a fan on facebook. Thanks.