Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Ski Jump at Dodger Stadium

Jimmys sends this e-mail:


My good friend and old college buddy turned me onto your blog last year and I find myself checking it everyday.

A few weeks ago while doing some research I came across some interesting photos. I don't know if you've ever seen them before but I thought you might be interested.

The photo I'm referring to is that of a ski jump that was built off the top of the stadium near the foul pole in right field in 1963. Apparently, this was going to be broadcast on t.v. but unfortunately, the JFK assassination occurred and it never came to fruition.

I thought you and your readers might like to see this unusual photo of their beloved stadium. The website I attached also has a few other stadiums that had ski jump competitions.

Keep up the great work and hopefully we'll meet up someday.

Think Blue.


p.s. here's the website:

Thanks for the e-mail Jimmy. I did my own little research. If you want to research more about Dodger Stadium, I think Walter O'Malley's official website is the best place to go.

I found this {linked here}

A 165-foot ski jump is constructed at Dodger Stadium (from the right field side to the left field side of the field) as part of the Giant International Ski Show and Grindelwald Ski Swap which opens today and runs through October 27. The jump hill is 28 stories high, nearly twice the height of the Dodger Stadium. Manufacturers, retailers and area ski operators all show their wares at the event, while slalom racing, fashion shows and world-famous personalities highlight the attraction

It does not explain if they did cancel the event. O'Malley's site says the event was going to run from October 23 to October 27, 1963.

The JFK assassination occured on November 22, 1963.

If it was cancel, it had nothing to do with JFK. Unless it was tape delayed till November 22.

Anyone has more info on this?


bluefanforever33 said...

That's cool. I've never seen this.

Michael K. Smith said...

We made our visits to Dodger Stadium in the 1960's and I don't remember this.

Paper Boy said...


Bob Timmermann said...

The event wasn't canceled. It was held at the days listed according to the LA Times. Ansten Samuelsen of Steamboat Springs, Colorado won the ski jump competition with 231.0 points.

There was a different competition the day before. There was supposed to be a third (actually the first one at the start of the competition), but it was canceled because the snowmaking machines didn't arrive.

Roberto said...

Did they air it on t.v. ?

Bob Timmermann said...

There is no indication that the ski jumping was shown on TV. It was more of a promotion for a trade show selling ski equipment.

Roberto said...

Thanks Bob! :)