Monday, March 8, 2010

Pictures - March 6, 2010 @ Camelback Ranch

Pictures that I shot last Saturday at Camelback Ranch.

Manny Mota riding his bike
Camelback Ranch
Manny Ramirez
Camelback Ranch
Andre Ethier
Camelback Ranch
Matt Kemp
Camelback Ranch
Don Mattingly and Casey Blake
Camelback Ranch
James Loney
Camelback Ranch
Matt Kemp telling Garret Anderson "You are not taking my number!"
Camelback Ranch
Dave Brown from Yahoo! Big League Stew.
David Brown
Jaime Jarrin
Jaime Jarrin
Alfredo Amezaga
Alfredo Amezaga
Josh Lindblom - It was cool getting his autograph. I told him that I have been following his Minor League career and was hoping he make the big league team soon. Lindblom is a top prospect for the Dodgers.
Josh Lindblom
Angel Berroa
Angel Berroa
At Camelback Ranch
Camelback Ranch
Charlie Hough - He asked me where did I get the shirt... He also wants everyone to visit San Bernardino this year. He will be coaching the 66ers again.

You can view more pictures by checking out my Flickr album titled "March 6, 2010 Cactus League Baseball" {linked here}
Charlie Hough


Michael K. Smith said...

Great pictures Roberto!

Steve Sax said...

Great shots, Roberto. Keep up the great work!

luis said...

where did you get the Casey Blake t-shirt

KempKershaw said...

Nice dude.

Luis- M.Brown, who runs The Left Field Pavilion.

Michelle said...

Awesome photos!!! I am gonna get a "Vin Scully Is My Homeboy" shirt next time I am stateside! ;)

Roberto said...

Thanks for the kind comments everyone!

@ Luis - go to