Tuesday, March 9, 2010

March 7, 2010 - Recap @ Glendale & Mesa Arizona

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Sunday March 7, 2010

I woke up and noticed it was raining hard in Phoenix. Not good. I was hoping the rain would go away so we can see the Dodgers play against the Cubs at Mesa.

The rain wouldn't stop. First we drove to Camelback Ranch. Just to see if anything was going on. I parked the car and was greeted by a White Sox employee who told me that practice has been canceled and fans are not permitted to enter at this moment.

Not good. (again)

Drove away from that area and went around and saw this.

I thought she said practice has been canceled? I shot the following video.


Yes, it was a big crowd watching the practice... Ha!

Left since I wasn't allowed to enter. We drove to Mesa. Hoping the rain would stop.

Arrived at Mesa and right away a Cubs employee said "You are not allowed to enter" and another said "California huh?"

C'mon, I'm a nice guy. I won't harm the park...

The Cubs brought their A-Team and the Dodgers brought their D-Team.
I was looking to watch Starlin Castro of the Cubs...

But the rain wouldn't go away

Walked around the park and saw these guys hanging out under a tent. (sweeeet)

Tommy Davis, Fergie Jenkins, Rollie Fingers and George Foster
I have met these guys before but I've never met Foster before. When we saw Fingers, my wife said "You met that guy before" and I asked her "How do you know?" And she replied "Because of his mustache!!!"


I checked out their table and noticed their were selling memorabilia and accepting donations for a local food bank. Jenkins always does charity work in Arizona.

I gave Foster a item to sign and he noticed my Dodger jacket and told me that he is a "Dodger Killer"
George Foster

I don't know if Foster wanted to pick a fight with me or was just having fun. He kept telling me "You don't know who I'am" and "You don't know what I did"

Right away I shut him up with the following "You are George Foster. Played in the 70's with the Big Red Machine and one season you hit 51 Home Runs" and "If I didn't appreciate what you did back in the day I wouldn't ask for a autograph"

He stared at me for a while and said "Okay...but no. It was 52 dingers son"

We both laughed. He was happy that I knew about his career.

Damn, that was George Foster. I mean, he's not a Hall of Famer but he had a good career. 1977 MVP!

It was great seeing these guys. Davis was having fun since a lot of Dodger fans came up to the table asking for his picture and autograph. Jenkins and Fingers kept saying "Hello? We are Hall of Famers!"

Good times in Mesa. Too bad the game got canceled. I asked if I was getting my money back and a Cubs employee told me that we were going to get a refund right away. I'm still waiting for the refund...


M.Brown said...

Foster was to me in the 70's, what Victorino is to me today. He just seemed to enjoy beating the Dodgers.

Roberto said...

Really? No wonder he kept telling me "I was a Dodger Killer" :)

bluefanforever33 said...

Great pictures Roberto!

Thanks for uploading the video.

Michelle said...

LOL, tell Foster you know him, he's from that team that made us champions! ;)

Roberto said...

lol Foster was entertaining.

Greg said...

I hope that "Blake Witt" guy pans out ...