Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Links & Links !

You might want to see these links. Trust me.

Video: Tony Jackson talks about Don Mattingly and his future with the Dodgers

  • Ramona Shelburne of ESPN LA is with the Dodgers during their preseason trip to Taiwan. She will be filing updates and video throughout the trip. {linked here}
  • Garret Anderson will try to play first base. Via Fox Sports/L.A. Times {linked here}
  • Fox News is "Fair and Balanced" Maybe they should add "We don't know anything about geography. Read the title of this post {linked here} Koreans prepare to play ball. Huh? I thought the Dodgers were going to Taiwan? Also read the article. Matsui, a star of New York? He's with the Anaheim Angels now...
  • Remember that video of "The Boilers"? Five members have left me comments {linked here}
  • Adam Housley, the one that wrote the Fox News article, will be traveling with the Dodgers and giving updates. Check out his video.

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