Thursday, March 18, 2010

Jonas kid @ Camelback Ranch

E-mail from Jordan:

Got these pic's of a Jonas brother working out with the team last week. Mostly spent time with Matt Kemp and Andre Either.

Ha! A Jonas brother? I have no idea... You tell me.

Thanks Jordan!

Pix 1 - Jonas kid with Matt Kemp. Discussing about doing a duet?
Pix 2 - The Beard is too cool for Jonas
Pix 3 - Where's Torre?


bansky21 said...

lucky little f@#$*& !

LoveEthier16 said...

It's Nick Jonas, man! He's the one you said was at the game in SF and everyone was screaming his name! Hahah they had a live webcast yesterday and he was talking about Spring Training and the Dodgers! And he was wearing a Dodger shirt! Lol

They were at opening day last year. Hopefully they'll be there this year!