Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Good luck finding Man-Ram

I appreciate all the e-mails. Keep them coming!

E-mail conversation with Alicia

Alicia: "I'm going this Saturday with my boyfriend. He's a big Manny Ramirez fan, where can we meet him?"

Me: Good luck finding Man-Ram.

Alicia: Why?

Me: He will be at Taiwan...

Alicia: What? why u lie, hater

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bluefanforever33 said...

Looks like Alicia didn't get the Taiwan Roster

Roberto said...

Or that Man-Ram fans are not big Dodger fans? I don't know... :)

Bobby Crosby said...

I know you're mostly joking with the whole "Manny fans aren't big Dodger fans" thing, but I also sense that you think that's partially true, so I just feel like responding:

The biggest, smartest Dodgers fans are big Manny fans. Anyone who doesn't like Manny and especially anyone who doesn't root for Manny is not at all a Dodgers fan and is probably a Giants fan. And anyone who thinks Manny isn't good anymore or had a poor year in 2009 is not a baseball fan and doesn't have a brain in their head.

Roberto said...

I'm a fan. I have to root for the guy. I want the Dodgers to win. What I have noticed though is that there are plenty of new fans that claim Manny Ramirez is God and can do no harm.

I don't care if Man-Ram doesn't hit 40 bombs. I want him to be a RBI Machine and get on base.

Stay off the pills too...

Michael K. Smith said...

Odd that she is calling you a hater when in fact, you are always giving us great info on the Dodgers.

TrueDodgerFan1 said...

Manny is the ultimate Dodger symbol, he is the reason the Dodgers have almost made it to the World Series for 2 straight years. I would argue Manny=Dodgers. Without Manny there are no Dodgers :). Great blog by the way.

alexuur said...

Bobby, i disagree... I dont like Manny, Big Dodgers fan but im no Giants fan. I root for him because hes wears the Dodgers Blue but not because hes "Manny being Manny" I can care less

I want to see him hustle for the ball and run for the base like the 08 season.

"Gas is up and so am I" Theres a reason why no other team made him an offer during the offseason...

Roberto said...


Manny=Dodgers ?

No no no...

No player is bigger than the team.

Bobby Crosby said...

I realize that most Dodger fans disagree, and I probably misspoke by saying "anyone who doesn't like Manny" isn't a Dodgers fan, but everything else I said stands, especially the part about rooting for him and about the type of season he had in '09. I could (and have in various places) talk about this for ages, giving stat after stat, but to anyone out there who actually thinks Manny had a bad year in '09, for now I'll just repeat a few things:

In 2009 Manny Ramirez LED ALL MAJOR LEAGUE OUTFIELDERS IN OPS and he led the Dodgers in home runs, RBI and runs per at-bat (minimum 78 at-bats).

The people who say they'd rather have Juan Pierre as our left fielder are either 100% brain dead or they want the Dodgers to lose. While Manny was 1st in the majors in OPS among outfielders, Pierre was 75th. In 28 less at-bats than Pierre, Manny scored five more runs and drove in 32 more. Pierre also has no arm and he lost all his speed halfway through the season.

Anyway, I could go on forever. Dislike Manny all you want personally, but don't lie or be flat out retarded about his playing ability or anyone else's, and tons of Dodger fans in the past year have done both of those things. And about Manny personally and how he acts and what he's done: Tons of Dodgers have done FAR WORSE things in the past and not been anywhere near as vilified for it. There's a very odd and specific hate out there for Manny. Tons of these lying/retarded fans also hated Manny before he became a Dodger and wanted him to fail from the start, and then they all had to shut up when he had the best two and a half months any Dodger has ever had to end 2008. Then the suspension hit and they acted like they got their wish, like they were vindicated for saying Manny would ruin the Dodgers when we traded for him. Then there's the fans who are merely stupid, the ones who saw Manny's bonkers insane '08 finish and thought that was sustainable, so they thought he was playing like shit in '09, even though he still led the team in everything (per at-bat) and led the majors in OPS for outfielders, and had a better year in '09 than the had in '07 and '08 for Boston (much higher OPS in '09).

So yeah, I could write a book about this, and might do a very long video about it soon, detailing everything, but in summary: I flat out despise anyone who says Pierre should have ever started over Manny. You may root for Manny while he's playing because he's wearing Dodger blue, but if you wanted Pierre to play instead of Manny, that's wanting the Rockies to win the West, because that's exactly what would have happened if Manny was benched. Lots of people will disagree with that and show stats that they somehow think helps their case, and that's because they know nothing about the game of baseball or basic math.

MikeB said...



Dodger Gurl said...

i despise how there are clueless female Dodger fans out there who make the rest of us look ignorant. Alicia, stop pretending for the sake of all of us. If you can't keep up with the news of what's going on, you're just trying to impress your boyfriend by faking that you know what's going on

Bobby Crosby said...

That guy's a buddy, but he takes it too far sometimes. It's not being on Manny's nuts to point out that a guy who led all MLB outfielders in OPS didn't have a HORRIBLE YEAR, as most retarded Dodger fans somehow think. My only concern is about the Dodgers winning games, most importantly World Series games, and I'm smart enough to realize that Manny HELPS us do that and he doesn't hurt us, like most Dodger fans seem to think.

I'm perfectly fine with people disliking Manny as a person -- my problem comes when they delude themselves into thinking Pierre's better and that Manny had a bad year when he led the Dodgers in homers, RBI and runs per at-bat. Manny's OPS was 107 points higher than Matt Kemp's in '09, by the way. Does that mean I hate Matt Kemp? No, I adore Matt Kemp and he's my favorite player. I'm just stating facts, not on anyone's nuts. I also love Juan Pierre. Doesn't mean I hate him either simply because I can point out that he sucks compared to Manny.

Was Manny's 2009 disappointing? After how he finished '08, OF COURSE it was disappointing and it disappointed me too. Manny cost me $250 in bets in '09 based on what type of season he'd have! Disappointing, yes. Bad/crappy/horrible? No, no, no. Good? Yes. Great? Maybe. Best player on the team? Almost certainly.

Hate him all you want, just don't say he had a bad year when he obviously had a good one. Sometimes things can be disappointing and still be very good.

Roberto said...

Relax everyone. We're all Dodger fans no matter what.

I don't think anyone has mentioned Juan Pierre. Yes, I'd rather have Man-Ram over Pierre.

I'm hoping the best for Pierre.

Bobby Crosby said...

Also, to anyone who thinks Manny is overpaid:

We paid him nothing in '08 and we paid him about $15 million in '09, because we didn't have to pay him for the 50 games he was suspended for, and for that $15 million, we've received this (includes playoffs):

596 at-bats
.332 batting average
41 home runs
130 runs batted in
110 runs scored

That's what he's done as a Dodger. And that's for 10 less at-bats than Matt Kemp had in '09 alone. Those numbers are obviously worth $15 million.

jesus said...

I think what someone of you are trying to says is that before manny there wasn't a big hype about the dodgers and now you see people buying wigs and mannywood shirts like the guy has been our francise player for years. I rather have manny then pierre but I rather have a pierre over a guy who doesn't even want to play sometimes. I like manny and like I said I rather have him then pierre but sometimes he pisses me off

Bobby Crosby said...

"now you see people buying wigs and mannywood shirts like the guy has been our francise player for years."

That's happened several times. Fernando, Nomo, Gagne -- all treated like gods in their first good seasons.

Kevin said...

Thank you JESUS! Nice comment

This guy defending Manny seems to have a hate for Pierre. Thats all he has wrote on.

But how do you feel when a ball is hit into left field and Manny does not run for it?

Do you bust a YAY!!! or Nay?

thats what pisses me off about manny!!!

jesus said...

bobby look at the names you put up nomo, gagne, fernando, they all came from our own organization Manny came through a trade.

Manny has played with us for a year and half basically one year all together. This is mannys last year here, he cant play defense so he is going to a american league team to be a DH, if the NL were to have a DH then i would want manny on the team, the point im trying to make is that i hope there is still going to be a great fan base not just people that go to games for the BEER and leave in the 6 innning because they are falling asleep, they live far whatever the reason is. i live in santa ana almost 40 miles away and i stay for the whole game no matter the score.

jesus said...

i never really got a chance to see NOMO or Valenzuela, one i was to young to attend dodger games (20) yrs old and i wasnt raised with a baseball in my hand my parents dont even know how baseball works but i appreciate a good baseball game and i wish i could have exprienced the nomo era got a glipse of GAME OVER but he was a closer you only got to see him when we were winning my 3 runs or less.

some of you might say why arent i a Angels fan because i live in the OC well its because the first baseball game i ever went to was a dodger game.

bluefanforever33 said...

I can care less about Manny. He tried to cheat the game. I was a huge fan of Manny until he was busted for drugs. I will always remember this sad day. I was at the Doctor's office and waiting to see the doc in the waiting room. Got my cell phone and checked


I was crushed man. I'm a 25 year old and felt betrayed. I was crying inside.

Bobby Crosby said...

"This guy defending Manny seems to have a hate for Pierre. Thats all he has wrote on."

I specifically said that I LOVE Pierre and I sure as hell wrote about a lot more than Pierre. I brought him up because I knew someone else would if I didn't, so I decided to respond to that first, and because many people who read this blog said last year that they wanted Pierre to play instead of Manny.

"But how do you feel when a ball is hit into left field and Manny does not run for it?"

I personally like to win the game instead of lose it. If someone was hitting .450 with 90 homers and 200 RBI, would you be mad at him because he doesn't always hustle and would you want to replace him with Rex Hudler? I appreciate players who hustle as much as any other fan, but I'd rather win the game with 80% effort than lose the game with 100% effort.

"they all came from our own organization Manny came through a trade."

Nomo played many years professionally in Japan, and what does it matter where they came from? None of them were Dodgers franchise players for years before Dodgers fans started treating them like gods, which is what you said your problem was.

"the point im trying to make is that i hope there is still going to be a great fan base not just people that go to games for the BEER and leave in the 6 innning because they are falling asleep"

It's the fans who leave in the sixth inning who think Manny sucks. It's the bad fans who don't understand baseball who somehow think he had a bad year last year. I went to over 80 Dodgers games last year (including pre and postseason), almost all of those sitting 50 feet behind Manny in the front row of the left field pavilion, where I've had season tickets since '97, and I've filmed almost every at-bat he's had at Dodger Stadium. Youtube: dodgerfilms

Bobby Crosby said...

In 2008 and 2009, Manny and Pierre have played a similar number of innings as a Dodger. In that time, Mannny had two more errors than Pierre, but he also had two more assists. Pierre obviously has the better range and hustles more, but Manny has the far superior arm. There's not nearly as big a difference in their defense as most people claim. Pierre is marginally better.

Michael K. Smith said...

I find these comments funny since the subject of this post was that of a woman who asked Roberto where Manny will be at Camelback Ranch and he told her in Taiwan and she didn't believe him. That's hilarious!

Kevin said...

stop acting like you are a baseball and dodgers expert. you talk as if your 100% correct. You have a point to a limit.

You rather have a player pulling in 80% than 100% common man. really?

Stop showing your row A left field pavilion season ticket holder since 97'. there was no need for us to know that.

I have row AA (Front Row) field Level season ticket holder since 1981 but im not showing off. Until Now =)

thegreatpiazza said...

calm down everyone. I'm laughing so hard to all these comments. Poor Alicia. I wonder what she thinks?

Great job Roberto, I love your blog. Totally different than the other sites. I'll buy you a beer when I see you at Dodger Stadium.

alexuur said...

Still with the Pierre comments? You keep mentioning him. No one said Pierre was better. No one said Manny sucked.

Roberto said...

@ thegreatpiazza - I don't drink beer. I'll accept a coke! :) Thanks for the kind comments.

Bobby Crosby said...

"you talk as if your 100% correct."

That's probably because I'm almost entirely stating facts/numbers.

"Stop showing your row A left field pavilion season ticket holder since 97'."

There's no showing off. Jesus implied that big Manny fans are the types of fans who don't go to many games and when they do go, they leave in the sixth inning, and he talked about how he wasn't around for Nomo and Gagne, so I explained that I'm not like those fans. And you do know Manny plays left field, right? It's important to note where my tickets are and how many games I've gone to, because it shows that I've had a great perspective on what Manny's done as a Dodger.

"You rather have a player pulling in 80% than 100% common man. really?"

I'd rather have a player putting in 1% effort than 100% if his 1% produces more than the 100% of an inferior player. You realize that some players are better than others, right, and that some players can not try as hard and still produce better results than a player giving it his all, right? That happens all the time. If you do understand it, then are you saying you'd rather have the 100% effort, even if it makes the team worse? Why have you been a Dodgers season ticket holder for so long if you want them to lose games?

"stop acting like you are a baseball and dodgers expert."

Why would I want to be a liar like you who says that I only talked about Pierre and hate Pierre? I am a baseball and Dodgers expert and specifically a Manny expert. I've watched him more closely than anyone else has since he came to the Dodgers and I've studied this subject extensively.

Bobby Crosby said...

"No one said Pierre was better. No one said Manny sucked."

I'm almost certain you said Pierre was better last year, among tons of other Dodger fans. Tons have said that Manny sucks too, of course, including in comments on this site. Do you not remember that huge argument last year among Dodgers fans? A huge percentage of Dodgers fans wanted Pierre to play instead of Manny. Could have sworn you were one of 'em.

bluefanforever33 said...

I understand those points Bobby. No one here talked about Pierre or is defending him until you brought it up. I know Ramirez has brought a lot to the table. I think most fans are upset that now there is another type of fans coming to the Left Field Pavilion. You got that crazy guy wearing his wig everyday posing pictures with guys. I mean really? Do they even watch the games?

alexuur said...

Yup. i still stand by it. I dont like Manny and ive made it very clear. NEVER have i said Pierre is a better player. Everyone knows Manny has better numbers. BUT i have said I would rather see Pierre play over Manny.

jesus said...

Pierre does throw like a wimp but hes fast, if he misses the ball he can recover, manny has to go chase the ball while almost falling or wait for kemp to get it.
let me get this threw i like manny way more then pierre but i just tired of his hustle thats all. i know all the stats and everything. nobody hates manny they just want to see the guy hustle for the ball if you know what im saying
i have never heard anyone say he had a bad year he hit .290 19 hr. 63 rbis .418 OBP but after he got suspended he batted .255 10 hr. .379 OBP(46 walks and 59 hits thats why its pretty high)

yes i have seen your videos and i think they are hilarious.

thegreatpiazza said...

Okay Robert. A coke it is! see you at Opening Day.

Bobby Crosby said...

"No one here talked about Pierre or is defending him until you brought it up."

I was the first to mention Pierre in the comments for this specific post, but tons of people in the comments for this blog have said they'd prefer Pierre over Manny, which is why I started talking about it. Pretty sure that Alex said many times that he would rather Pierre played, and he just confirmed that and stands by it, so there you go.

jesus said...

all this talk about season tickets makes me want to rob a bank, i wish i had the money to have season tickets but then you guys are much older and alot more money in the bank :)

Bobby Crosby said...

Only $8 per game for an LFP season ticket. I highly recommend it.

thegreatpiazza said...

I used to sit there. Now I'm at Reserve level. I can't stand the wig man, wannabe Manny Ramirez.

alexuur said...

Great. Thanks for clarifying that Bobby. Didnt know I bothered you that much. Waited the whole off-season and 35 comments later to let it out.

Its ok. See you Thurs Night against the Indians!

jesus said...

$8 is pretty cheap but sometimes i rather sit up close then somedays like promotions i dont mind where i sit as long as i see the game. Has anyone ever sat in the all you can eat pavillion, if so how does that work you just keep going down to get your food? are the lines big?

Bobby Crosby said...

"Didnt know I bothered you that much."

It bothers me when anyone boos a Dodger, which you did last year, along with thousands of other fans. I'm very used to it over the years and my best friend from high school is an Angels fan, who I've gone to many games with. He also thinks George W. Bush is the best person ever born and I think he's one of the worst, but we're still buddies. I can separate such things. I've had screaming matches with Andre about baseball before, but we're still very good friends. As long it's not about anything personal and just about baseball (or politics or whatever), then it doesn't affect a friendship for me. Yeah, I did say that I "despise anyone who says Pierre should have ever started over Manny," but I was being overly dramatic and not specific enough. I meant that I despise their baseball opinion, but not them as people in general. But you at least say that you think Manny is the better player, which I appreciate. You just hate him so much for the steroids and his attitude that you'd rather see someone else play, even if they're not as good. I can at least understand that, because at least you're not lying and saying Pierre's better like a lot other fans, but I simply disagree with it. For me, a player would have to do way worse than anything Manny's done for me to rather have a worse team on the field.

"Waited the whole off-season and 35 comments later to let it out."

It just never came up. We didn't talk a whole lot in the second half of last year. I say these same things in person, though. I think Jordan is the name of that guy with season tickets in 301 and he said Pierre's better than Manny during the playoffs last year and wanted him to start over Manny. I told him he was retarded and went over all these stats with him, and he didn't believe me and said he'd check them for himself. I'm very blunt and feel strongly about my baseball opinions obviously, but I don't make it personal. I like heated debates.

Michael K. Smith said...

Hey Jesus,

Yeah the all you can eat is a bit more expensive. But worth it if you eat like a pig like myself!! the tix is a bit more expensive though.

alexuur said...

Oh man im with you on that one. I dont take things personal. Its just a heated argument online. I was just telling my wife "Im pretty sure me and Bobby are going to argue about this same subject in lfp" Its fun sitting right in back of you, Andre and Deep Left.

Theres 3 reason why i dont like manny.
1. Steroids
2. Never apologized to the FANS
3. Too cocky

well theres more than 3.

4. Does not hustle for the ball
5. Speaks without thinking
6. and Finally Jose dressing like Manny every game just made it worse

Bobby Crosby said...

Ha, and I agree with all six of those points. For me to boo him when his name is announced, though, or to want an inferior player to replace him, I'd need:

7. Killed someone.


7. Said Vin Scully sucks.

I'd simply need something much more serious. Do you know how many Dodgers have done steroids? Probably more than a hundred over the years. One DUI alone, in my opinion, is way worse than anything Manny's ever done, and lots of Dodgers have had those, and that's still not enough for me to boo them or want a worse team on the field with them off it. People do all kinds of horrible shit, including tons of major league baseball players and tons of Dodgers, and if you let that stuff bother you, it's gonna be tough to enjoy the games, in my opinion. I just want the Dodgers to win. I've never cared much about individual players. I haven't gotten an autograph since I was 12. I'm all about the team.