Sunday, March 28, 2010

Belisario talks to the media

He has been found. Stop the "missing" Ronald Belisario milk cartons.

Belisario talked to the media this morning:

"I never missed an appointment,'' he said. "They gave me appointments to go to after they said they were denying my visa. They told me to take exams and things, and I kept going twice a week. They just said they were denying my visa because of the DUI.''

That's odd. His agent said he did miss a couple of appointments. Ouch.

You better believe it that Belisario will be part of the Dodgers team by May.

As far as we know, he doesn't have a attitude problem with his teammates. Does not cause any problems to others but only to himself. He's too valuable to not be part of the bullpen.

Just stay off the cerveza and think!

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