Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Alex Cora 18 pitch At-Bat

Who was at this game?

On May 12, 2004, Cora had an 18-pitch at-bat against Chicago Cubs starting pitcher Matt Clement. Facing a 2-1 count, Cora fouled off 14 straight pitches before finally hitting a home run.

I was there with my wife (girlfriend back then) sitting in the field level by the first base side. Tickets were not that expensive in that area back then :)

I remember jumping up and down after his homer. Amazing.

Watch the video. Vin Scully has fun describing the moments. Dusty Baker looks like he wants to kill someone. Quick note, Cora's at-bat did not last three minutes. This video only shows the pitches. If I remember correctly, it was over ten minutes.



thegreatpiazza said...

I was there! Sitting at lfp. He was already getting a standing ovation before the homer. Thanks for posting.

Michael said...

Me too. My kid who was six at the time thought it was the greatest baseball moment.

Alan Carrier said...

watch the video again people. take note behind homeplate. This was before the bullshit Dugout Club and Baseline Box seats.

PenosCabell said...


That was crazy. Not as crazy as the Mets signing a 34 year old injury-plagued Alex Cora to a $2 million deal though.

Anonymous said...

i was there ... sitting right field pavillion :o ... wit my mom dad and bro... row z too lol

Alex Cora said...

Yes, my shining moment. Ah, the memories.

Roberto Baly said...

great memories :)