Sunday, February 21, 2010

Welcome to the Jungle

I still have this Eric Gagne Bobblehead. I had thoughts about throwing it away after learning that Gagne's greatest years were tainted. But I never did. It's still there among the other Bobbleheads.

I also remember going to a Autograph Session back in 2004 and getting a Gagne Jersey to have him signed it. I usually don't buy jerseys to get signed. I leave that for players that already are in the Hall of Fame. That's the safe route. But Gagne was unique in my eyes. You can imagine how angry I was after Gagne was injured year after year. I have yet to frame that jersey. It's in the closet....

It will be a good story if Eric Gagne can make the Opening Day Roster and have a solid season as a reliever. Just expect that, a solid season. I get the feeling that some of my friends are expecting the glory years of '02, '03 and '04. That's not going to happen.

Those were amazing years. I still remember going to games and getting pumped up to the "Welcome to the Jungle" music in the bottom of the 9th inning. I'm sure they can still use the music when he comes out in the 6th or 7th inning. But not the "Game Over" signs since the game won't be over yet. That's Jonathan Broxton's job. There is many stories out there since news broke out that Gagne was coming back with the Dodgers.

Take the time to read this article by T.J. Simers. {linked here} He admits to using HGH during those seasons. I thought he already talked about this? I just hope Gagne is healthy and performs great without the drugs. I wish the same to Manny Ramirez.

Eric Gagne

"I hear that song come on the radio and I still get goose bumps," Gagne says. "It was like that every time I came out of the bullpen. Goose bumps."

This one is for you Eric: Good luck Eric!



I know what you mean! I was really stressed out with my business back then and I would watch Dodger games and just wait for him to come out! During game I could forget about everything! you hit it right on the nose, he just needs to have a solid season. I am pulling for him!!


tried on my old Gagne' T shirt and it doesn't fit me anymore! my wife must have shrunk it. has it been that long?

Roberto said...

Haha! You're not the only one. My shirt is small too. Which is weird because I lost about 20 pounds...

I'll try it on later this week :)

rstetradio said...

Let's review, shall we?

1.)Gagne acquired two shipments of HGH in summer of 2004 according to 2 FedEx receipts conveniently furnished (under duress) by K. Radomski.
2.)Gagne says in this Simers article he used HGH in an attempt to speed up injury recovery, which is what HGH is supposed to be known for. He did NOT use it during his entire career(nor does he say so in this article) as has been suggested frequently. He used it in 2004. He has been tested often and has never tested positive for STEROIDS.
3.) HGH is NOT a performance enhancer, steroids ARE. HGH had not been banned YET at the time Gagne purchased it. The WAY in which he obtained it was foolish, to be sure. But like most players who feared injury would wreck their careers, Gagne acted out of desperation and took the gamble. As with most players, it's highly doubtful he would have been able to get prescription for it, I would guess due to unknown side effects creating fear of liability. Whether HGH contributed to his injury problems rather than helping, we'll probably never know, nor does he.
Now, to the present day. I agree with Roberto that people who unrealistically expect to see Eric pitch at a 2003 level are going to be gravely disappointed, so people, DON'T EXPECT IT. People in Boston and Milwaukee made that stupid mistake. He's not a machine, he's a human being, he's no longer a young stud whippersnapper, and I know he'll do the very best he can with what he has left in the tank. I'm going to be pulling for him and am glad to see others will be too. I worry about his body every time he plays, and hope he knows when enough has to be enough. In the meantime, I hope he gets to do what he loves the most, and that is play baseball.

Michael K. Smith said...

HGH or Steroids, you can't really know what these guys did a couple of years ago. I wouldn't be shocked if Gagne was using steroids during those great years.

Roberto said...

@ rstetradio - Good facts.

I still see those years as the steroid era and even if you weren't caught, you can always suspect what these guys were doing... I'm glad that decade is over!