Thursday, February 4, 2010

Shane Victorino Goes Hollywood

If you don't know me by now, let me tell you something . I'm a Dodgers fan that respects the opponents. I'm not that kind of person that hates players just because they are playing for the Pirates. I don't waste time in that. I think it's dumb. Yes, I might make fun of a couple of players but I have no ill feelings towards anybody. That being said, I try my best not to hate Shane Victorino. But don't you think he's a Punk? He reminds of a little kid that just won't go away.

There was a Baseball Player that attended the Grammys last Sunday night. No, it wasn't Matt Kemp, who many thought would be with Rihanna.

It was Victorino. I have no idea why he was invited. Looks like this is the second consecutive year that he attends.

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jesus said...

i wonder who dresses Shane last year he went too but he looked like he was from the 70s

jerm said...

don't you mean phillies, not pirates?

Roberto said...

Nah, I used the Pirates as a example. I don't care if it's the Pirates, Reds, Padres..I respect most players.

prettyrose33 said...

Maybe he thinks he's dating Rihanna, I mean, talentwise, he will always be behind Matt Kemp, trying to catch up. I don't like this guy. He's a punk and is the "Cryin Hawaiian"

Dodgergirl65 said...

I have lots of favorite players from other teams as well....Randy Johnson, Pudge, Jeter....but I think we are from different generations in that I think my grandpa whispered in my ear over and over....hate the Giants, hate the Yankees because back in the day (and in the 70's the Big Red Machine) were a thorn in our side. We held grudges and this goes back many generations (in my case back to Brooklyn days), That said....Victorino IS a punk.