Saturday, February 27, 2010

Links on a Saturday night

I enjoyed the Torre/Koufax event at Nokia Theatre. I'll blog about it tomorrow. For now, check out the latest news on the Dodgers...

By the way, what is it? Nokia Theatre or Nokia Center? I keep saying Theatre but I keep reading Nokia Center.

  • Nice article on Clayton Kershaw and his faith {linked here}
  • Luis Ayala recounts family's night of terror {linked here}
  • Vin Scully will appear on the next episode of "Kid Pitch" {linked here}
  • Manny Being Manny on Taiwan Plans {linked here}
  • Who said this? "Win 20 games, pitch 200 innings. I have goals I want to achieve.’’ {linked here}
  • Best of luck Clayton {linked here}
  • Eric Stephen of True Blue L.A. wrote a good article on Aces {linked here}

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