Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Jordan Hershiser

USC sophomore pitcher Jordan Hershiser talks about bouncing back from an elbow injury last season and the Trojans' expectations for the upcoming 2010 campaign. {linked here}

Yes, that's Orel's son.

You know what would be cool? If he gets a shot to pitch at Dodger Stadium on February 27 when USC faces off against UCLA. These two teams will be playing at Dodger Stadium, it's the inaugural Dodgertown Classic. {linked here}

Even if you are a UCLA fan, you can root for Jordan, no?

Good luck Jordan!


Michael said...

I'm a UCLA/Dodger fan. This is like rooting for your son who is pitching for the San Francisco Giants /:

Roberto Baly said...

True if you are a UCLA fan... :)

Orel did pitch for the Giants... Not cool.