Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Happy Birthday Lissette

That's my wife, Liz. Today is her Birthday.

Last week at the Dodgers caravan, I was able to get Matt Kemp sign a picture of them taken a couple of years.

I printed out the picture last year but never got around to get it signed by Kemp until last week. View the video. I gave Kemp my photo and then my wife's picture. I told him that my wife couldn't make it (work and school) and that her birthday was coming up. Kemp signed both items without a problem. Even wished her a Happy B-day. I haven't shown the video or the picture to my wife yet but will do so later today.

Thanks Matt!

There is a big light in front of us. It wasn't during the day. It was already dark but I believe it was the Dodgers crew that shot us.



KempKershaw said...

Sweet dude, nice.

Roberto said...

Thanks! :)

Dodger Gurl said...

Lissette is one lucky girl!
Happy birthday to her!

bansky21 said...

DANG ! ive always wanted to meet kemp since i first saw him play in 06' but now thats hes not just drew's back up, its gotten A LOT tougher ! cheers roberto, keep up the good work, glad your doin better, send my wishes to liz !

Roberto said...

@ Dodgergurl and bansky21 - Thanks ! :)