Thursday, February 4, 2010

Dodgers Caravan: Roscoe's Chicken & Waffles

I was able to sneak in this post. It's only about the Roscoe's event. I will post the Olvera Street event tomorrow.

February 3, 2010

My recap of the Dodgers Caravan that was held at Roscoe's Chicken and Waffles in Los Angeles.
I've never been here before. This was new for me. Me and my Twin Bro got there around 11am. Not many fans from the start.

About an hour later, employees of the Dodgers gave instructions on how things were going to work. He said to put down your name on the waiting list and you will be called to come inside and eat. The Dodgers were going to get there around 12:30pm and they were going to eat first for about an hour and then walk around the tables and meet the fans. I wasn't too hungry but I had no choice.

A buddy told me that he was there since 9am. He ate breakfast and said Lady Gaga was there. I guess many celebritites stop by at this eatery. You won't believe who stopped by later. I'll tell you shortly.

The Dodgers came.
Ramon Troncoso !
Ken Gurnick !
Matt Kemp ! (Rihanna didn't want to eat Chicken and Waffles)
Fernando "El Toro" Valenzuela !
and many more... I missed a couple of other guys...

They went inside and we were still outside waiting for the staff to call us. They did shortly after this. We sat down. I ate scrambled eggs and toasted bread.

While we were eating, I heard fans saying they saw Barry Bonds. A couple of them went outside to see if it was true. Of course, I also did...

Well what do you know? It's true.

Barry Bonds !
Looks like Mr. Bonds wanted to eat some Chicken and Waffles. He didn't know there was many Dodger fans inside the building. Fans came out and asked for his autograph. Believe it or not, he did sign. He was in a good mood (I'm not kidding) until a fan gave him a ball and told him "In the sweet spot"

Wow. I guess he's a rookie. I shook my head. Another fan by my side looked at him and whispered "Are you nuts?" I knew what was going to happen next.

Bonds snapped. He said "You don't say that to me"

Bonds then said "I'm leaving, I got to go" "Giants in 2010 bebeeee"

I managed to barely get my face into this shot.
Barry Bonds
It was one of the most interesting two minutes of my life. Bonds, one of the most controversial sports figures right next to me.

Let me tell you a quick story. This is the second time I met Bonds. The other time was a long time ago (I'd say around 1995) at Dodger Stadium. Dodger Coach Manny Mota was interviewing him for his daily radio show that he does for the Spanish network. We had a friend that knew Mota and what not, let us in early. I don't remember much about the encounter but when the interview was over me and my brother asked him for his autograph. He did it. I know he did it because he didn't want to look bad in front of Mota.

But on Wednesday he was alone. He could of blew off everyone and act like a jerk the way he used to do it with the media. But he didn't. Well not until that one fan got him angry.

After this show, I went back inside the restaurant. I was still amazed that Bonds was there. Poor guy, he didn't get his Chicken and Waffles. I'm sure he left because he didn't want to get "attacked" by the Blue fans.

So we ate and the players kept eating and eating and eating. I'm serious. They were eating for about 80 minutes.

Finally they came out and it was a bit of a chaos. Matt Kemp didn't come to our section. But these guys did.
Jimmy Campanis
Jimmy Campanis
James McDonald
James McDonald
Other guys that signed for me were Fernando Valenzuela and Steve Yeager. I might be missing someone...

Ben Platt, who works for came to our table and said hello. Then he recognized me and said "I like your blog!"

I felt embarrased. Platt said he likes my blog! How cool is that?

I asked for a picture and he said "Yeah now you're going to blog it huh?" and I said "Maybe" :)

Sorry Ben.
Ben Platt
He was really nice. He also gave us two Dodger ticket vouchers. Thanks Ben!

Let me see if I get the names correct... Big shout out to Rio, Emma, Jonathan, David, Lorena and Lisa. Sorry if I missed someone. Thanks for reading!

Next stop... Olvera Street. I will try my best to post that story with pictures and a video (Matt Kemp!) tomorrow evening.

Click here for the ESPN Zone story.


bluefanforever33 said...

amazing. you are everywhere boy! I can't believe it. Barry Bonds.

You were being sarcastic when you said "Poor Bonds" Right ! ??????

Roberto Baly said...

Ah you got me :)

Yes, I was being sarcastic about "Poor Bonds" I mean he wasn't going to go inside and eat in front of all those Dodger fans. One more thing, I asked him if he was going to eat and he denied it.

Yeah sure, you just parked your car there and got out to just stretch and then sign some autographs and leave. Ha !

Michael said...

Barry Bonds? I know he lives in the L.A. area but what a coincidence that he went there while a Dodger event was going on.

Unknown said...

I like how the Roscoes manager's there in the background getting in on the action with his camera phone. I work in the restaurant business and your manager's gotta show more class than that to celebrity customers outside your place.

Roberto Baly said...

Yes, that was the Manager. Not a really good move by him. Imagine if higher management sees this blog. He's fired?

Unknown said...

OMG Barry are u series! lol

Roberto Baly said...

lol yes.

El Lay Dave said...


Unknown said...

how is the sweet spot comment so offensive to bonds, please explain. I am long time baseball fan and sweet spot to me is when the the ball hits the sweet part of the bat. It must have some steroid meaning. so what gives?

Greg Zakwin said...

RC- Signing on the sweet spot increases the ball's value.

Roberto: Big League Stew and Deadspin links, congrats.,218036

Roberto Baly said...

You are right about the sweet spot. Just gives more value to the ball.

- Yeah I saw that on deadspin. It's funny reading their comments.

Happy Jack said...

Great Blog,
My first time here. I was surprised that asking someone to sign on the sweet spot was such a big deal. Sure glad Vinny didn't get upset when I asked him to sign there at Pac Bell a few years ago. I didn't even have to ask Dave Niehaus for a sweet spot autograph, he just did it.

Roberto Baly said...

Hi Happy Jack, most of them don't mind if you ask them but the Superstars can get offended. They know that it brings more value to the ball. So they think you are going to sell that autograph.

Steve Sax said...

Nice job Roberto, we linked to your post this morning. Way to go!