Friday, February 5, 2010

Dodgers Caravan: Olvera Street

Matt Kemp screams "Ya'll come to Arizona for Spring Training!!" Ha ! :)

February 3, 2010

My recap of the Dodgers Caravan that was held last Wednesday at Olvera Street.

I have no stats to back up my opinion but I think there was more fans here than at ESPN Zone. My brother and myself arrived at 2:30pm after we spent the Morning/Afternoon at Roscoe's.

I didn't take pictures of Olvera Street before the event like I did at ESPN Zone. I was just tired so I stayed still until the event started.

I see Eric and Ronny:

Matt Kemp talking to the fans. Noticed the Patch? Before the event started, Josh Rawitch, PR Main guy for the Dodgers, told me it's going to happen. Thanks for stopping by Josh.
I have more details on this. I'll post that info sometime this weekend.

Jaime Jarrin spoke to the crowd in Spanish. He presented all the players that were there. Which were Matt Kemp, Ramon Troncoso, James McDonald, Fernando Valenzuela, Brad Ausmus, Jimmy Campanis, Steve Yeager.

They had two tables. Meaning there was going to be two lines. The cool thing about this event is that before the players came, we had a choice to decide which table we wanted to go. I chosed Table A since Matt Kemp and Jaime Jarrin were scheduled to be on that table.

I was a bit surprised since they didn't do this at ESPN Zone. We just received a wristband and had no idea which players we were going to meet.

I shot this video of Matt Kemp speaking to the crowd. Then chants "Fernando, Fernando, Fernando" Ha! It was great. Check it out...

A couple more pictures.

Matt Kemp dancing to Corridos! I think it was a song titled "El Corrido del Bison"

Jaime Jarrin signing one of my pictures. The funny thing is that Jaime started his session late. Campanis, McDonald and Kemp started the autograph session without him. Jarrin was being interviewed by a reporter. We didn't want to go up to the table until Jarrin comes over. I would say about 25 or more fans passed us to get the three players. Don't those 25 fans know that Jarrin is a Hall of Fame Broadcaster? Even if you already have his autograph, an extra one doesn't hurt. I waited. I think about five minutes passed until Jarrin got there.

James McDonald and Matt Kemp ready to sign my stuff.

I shot another video of Kemp signing my stuff. I got away with two items... :) I'll post it next week. You'll understand why when you see it.

If you missed it...

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Do you have pictures or videos of the Caravan events that want to share here? Send me a e-mail at


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