Thursday, February 4, 2010

Dodgers Caravan: ESPN Zone

February 2, 2010

My recap of the Dodgers Caravan that was held last Tuesday at ESPN Zone in L.A. Live.

It was a beautiful day in Downtown Los Angeles. I showed up around 9:30 am. Walked around the area and took some pictures.

Staples Center/L.A. Live is a nice area.

Downtown Los Angeles
Downtown L.A.
Staples Center
Staples Center
ESPN Zone - On the right is where the line started. Only about 8 fans were there in the morning.
Nokia Plaza
Nokia Plaza
Nokia - Sandy Koufax will be at the Nokia soon.
Magic Johnson
Magic Johnson
Oscar De La Hoya
Oscar De La Hoya
Wayne Gretzky
Wayne Gretzky

Aren't these statues nice? The Dodgers orzanization need to do something similar. Imagine passing by a Vin Scully statue at Dodger Stadium? Or Jackie Robinson? That would be very nice.

More pictures...

Nokia Plaza
Nokia Plaza
Another view of Staples Center
staples center

On to the caravan...

There was only one line.

The players that were scheduled to attend were Andre Ethier, Hiroki Kuroda, Kenny Landreaux, Rudy Law, Bobby Castillo and Tommy Davis.

Around 2pm, people in line found out that Tommy Lasorda was on his way. I checked Lasorda's Twitter and yes, he was on his way. Thank God, I had my Dodger Seat in my car. I went back to my car and got it. I needed Lasorda to sign that seat.

Around 3:30 pm, a couple of employees of the Dodgers came. They had yellow and red wristbands. They asked me which color I wanted. I asked them which line is Lasorda going to be at. They said "I don't know, you need to pick a color now" Can you believe that? I wasn't too happy about that. I picked red. Yes, red is my favorite color.

The Dodger Bus came.
Caravan: Dodgers
Andre Ethier does a quick interview
Andre Ethier

The players went inside.

They had two tables. I got lucky, I did meet Lasorda. Fans with the Red Wristbands were going to meet Al Downing, Tommy Lasorda and Tommy Davis. Fans with Yellow Wristbands were going to meet Andre Ethier, Rudy Law, Kenny Landreaux. I don't remember if Bobby Castillo was there. I think he was but I'm not sure. Sorry, it was a long day. Oh, Kuroda didn't make it. He was at a Sushi bar. I don't blame him.

So of course, most of the fans there wanted Ethier. I was praying for Lasorda. By the time the event started, about 30 fans were in front of me already. Another 20 were inside because they accepted a offer to eat inside and be one of the first to get their autographs. I just stayed and waited patiently.

They let us in and first was Downing. Gave him a picture to sign. Thanks Al ! Next up, Lasorda. I gave him the Dodger seat and he said "Hold on kid, can't you see I'm eating!"

Sorry Tommy...
Tommy Lasorda eating
I think it was a Minestrone Napoletana. Not sure. He wouldn't share. He said "No soup for you!"

"You're pushing your luck little man"
Sweeeeeeeeet !

After Lasorda, it was Tommy Davis. I couldn't take more pictures. I had a couple of things in my hand. But it was all good. On my way out, saw Broadcaster Eric Collins.
Eric Collins

It was a good day at ESPN Zone. By the way, after I left, a friend called me and told me that Lasorda left. I guess he was still hungry and the soup didn't cut it for him. I'm not joking. He left! He only signed for a couple more fans after he signed for me then left. I confirmed with other friends and they told me that the Dodger employees decided to do one line instead of two since Lasorda left the building.

Funny stuff.

I'll post Wednesday's Caravan details tomorrow. It was a good one too.


Michael K. Smith said...

That Lasorda piece you wrote is hilarious. Nice Seinfeld reference. I wasn't able to go but have gone to other events you have posted. Thanks for giving us the inside info. I hope you're doing better.

Roberto said...

Hi Michael, thanks! Actually, I'm feeling really good. Maybe I'll see you at the next one.

Michael K. Smith said...

Glad to hear! I met you last year. It was in San Diego at the WBC. We talked about the Cuban team. I think you said your father is from Cuba.

Roberto said...

Ah yes. I believe you were next to me when I told Aroldis Chapman in Spanish to stay in San Diego...

Hey it worked! He left Cuba last Summer and signed a contract with the Reds :)

Yeah my Dad was born and raised in Cuba.

bluefanforever33 said...

I was there too. My girlfriend wanted to meet Andre Ethier so bad. In a way it was good that Lasorda left because we got yellow wristbands. Enjoying the blog. Thanks Roberto.

Roberto said...

I think most of the crowd wanted to meet Andre Ethier.

Just glad I got that seat signed. Thanks for reading Bluefan...

To Live and Blog in LA said...

dope blog man keep it up !

jesus said...

Lasorda was a grumpy man haha i was one of the first to get his autograph and i saw when they gave him to soup i think they gave him the wrong one or he didnt want it. i couldnt remember the exact words. I gave him a ball to sign and he just rolled it to me. but i know his personalty so i wasnt angry he is old and grumpy... Grumpy lasorda. it was cool though

Roberto said...

@ To live and blog in L.A. - Thanks dude.

@ Jesus - Did I see you ? But yeah, you guys should get used to Lasorda by now :)

jesus said...

i saw you but i didnt get a chance to say hello cuz i didnt want to bug you while you were with your friends i was like 10 people down you at espn

Roberto said...

Oh no man, next time say hi ! Glad you made it out there.

jesus said...

yah next time i will