Wednesday, February 10, 2010


I got a surprise last Friday when I arrived home. I saw a box by the door. I grabbed it and noticed it was for me. Sent from Barnes & Noble. I was puzzled since it's been a while since I ordered something from B&N. Opened it and saw this. I knew right away what the book was about.

A couple of weeks ago, Robert Martinez told me about a book he wrote that's on sale now. It's the story of his son, Brandon Martinez who was drafted by the Los Angeles Dodgers last year in the 7th round.

The Synopsis of Born To Play from Robert Martinez:

Every little boy has dreams: big dreams of playing Major League Baseball. They envision themselves at bat in the ninth inning of the World Series or on the mound dacing the imposing batters in the bottom of that inning. They play out this scenario over and over in their minds as if preparing themselves for this future event.

As the boys become young men what happens to those dreams? Where do these young men get off track? There are many reasons why these young men are diverted from their dreams and potential life's path.

In my book, Born to Play; I will show you that Brandon Martinez's disorder (Tourette Syndrome), discrimination and bad politics almost prevented my child from achieving his boyhood dream. I want to invite everyone into Brandon Martinez's unique life. I will detail Brandon's disorder, (Tourette Syndrome), discrimination from a school district and point out how important it is to fight for your children in both the academic and athletic arena.

I want you to enjoy Brandon's story and learn from my experience as his father. My hope is ultimately you will be educated by this book. I want to assist you in your own personal battle and gear you with the tools and knowledge to help your child overcome his/her personal obstacles or special needs. My fight for Brandon helped him carve a path to the Major League Draft and into professional baseball. What will your fight inspire in your child?

-Robert Martinez

Thank you Robert for sending this book. I started to read it over the weekend and it's a inspirational book. I hope the other bigger Dodgers Blogs give some attention to this special book.

A background on Robert Martinez:

Robert Martinez is a Corporal for the Fresno County Sheriff's Department in Fresno, California. A career dedicated to Protecting and Serving in various communities throughout Fresno County.

Robert lives in California with his wife, Maria and their seven children: Brandon, Brian, Grant, Anjalee, Breanna, Belen, and Brynn. He is a devoted husband and father. He loves coaching football, baseball and playing golf.


Brandon Martinez is a Pitcher. He was in the Rookie League last year with the Dodgers and pitched ten games.

I wish you the best Brandon.

You can purchase this book at your local bookstore or you can purchase it by clicking here.

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