Saturday, February 20, 2010

"The Rivalry Renewed"

I've been driving all week to Los Angeles to see my dad at the Hospital (surgery went well, still recovering) and I have noticed these billboards all over Sunset. Within one mile, there was about ten billboards. I'm not kidding.

I'm not a fan of the billboards. It looks like the Dodgers are using the Yankees to boost up their ticket sales. It's just the L.A. and N.Y. Logos with the following saying "The Rivalry Renewed"

I appreciate the comments and e-mails! I will try to get back at everyone very soon.


Michael said...

I agree Roberto. Those billboards look boring.

Paul said...

I have no problem with the billboards. It's not like we are a team like the Nationals and are completely using the Yankees. I'm sure the Yankees would do the same/similar thing if the Dodgers were going to play in New York. (Boston is doing the same thing actually, especially since Manny is with the Dodgers now)
Dodgers and Yankees played each other in WS 11 times most in MLB. (Lakers and Celtics played each other in NBA Finals 11 times as well)
Go Dodgers!!!

Roberto Baly said...

@ Paul - I just hope this is the not the main publicity the Dodgers are using the whole season. It would be cool to see different types of billboards with players on it.

NSBZero said...

I agree, these billboards are boring. The Dodgers are a better franchise than needing pinstripes to ratchet ticket sales.

Plus, this is an October rivalry, not a June rivalry. Until we see them in the Series, this rivalry is about as renewed as a Cincy visit renews the Big Red Machine rivalry. Visions of Kevin Malone guaranteeing Dodgers-Yankees World Series' every season still haunt me.

Roberto Baly said...

@ NSBZero - I agree.

Unknown said...

The Yankees aren't exploiting a rivalry from 30 years ago to sell tickets.
These billboards remind me of lame football ads touting a regular season rematch of a prior Super Bowl.
Usually it is the losing team running the ads. Dodgers are too good of a franchise to stoop this low. It's something the Padres would do.

Anonymous said...

Maybe this is for all those bandwagon Yankee fans we have here in LA, You know the ones that claim to be hardcore Yankee fans yet they have never been to the east coast.