Saturday, February 6, 2010

2/6/10 Links

Links on a rainy Saturday morning here in L.A.

James McDonald is a new man. With a new haircut and much more confidence! {linked here}

Remember Dan Evans? {linked here}

Jeff G of Power 106 fm has pictures of the Dodgers Caravan {linked here}

Former Thousand Oaks shortstop Jack Wilson of the Seattle Mariners has taken over as owner and operator of the J2 Indoor Hitting Facility in Simi Valley {linked here}

Johnny Damon goes on tour {linked here}


bleedsdodgerblue said...

If you wish to continue to get away with stuff such as getting more than one item signed you probably shouldn't mention it on the blog or is that another perk of doing this blog?

Roberto said...

Gosh dude, you're okay? :)

You'll see next week.