Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Who Remembers Lo Duca ?

"Hello everyone, this is Paul Lo Duca, you remember me ?"

Links to check out on this rainy night....

By the way, thanks for the e-mails. Everything is looking bright. I'm having many tests done and looks like blood levels are getting higher. I guess the stuff that Jose Canseco* is giving me helps. Thanks Jose !

- Ball Links -

Dear Mr. Offerman, have a nice life {linked here}

Sax of SoSG likes the endorsement {linked here}

The LFP will be conducting a interview with the son of the late Dodger Pitcher Jim Brewer {linked here}

The fake L.A. team gets Joel Pineiro {linked here}

Ben Sheets too expensive ? {linked here}

On a personal note, which I know you will hate this, but I wouldn't mind opening camp with the Pitchers that we have. I'm just scared that they will over spend on a old pitcher. They can evaluate things again by the Trading Deadline.

Yo Diamond ! You're coming back or what ? Enjoying the latest posts {linked here}

Old amigo, Paul Lo Duca joining the Rockies {linked here}

We all hate the enemy, but we have to give credit to Phillies Manager Charlie Manuel. He's looking better than Tommy Lasorda {linked here}

The world is ending. How can the Cubs even think about moving to Florida ? This does not compare to the Dodgers move to Arizona. L.A. is close to Arizona, it was the right choice. But the Cubs thinking about moving to Florida is a sad story. I was at Mesa last year and had a great time with the Cubs fans. I'm not joking, 80 % of the cars parked had Illinois plates. {linked here}

Have a good night.

*Canseco Reference - I was joking boys and girls. I'm drinking Carao Syrup from Nicaragua. (Don't try this at home without Adult supervision!)


Falling LEAVes said...

what? no Bigelow green tea?

Steve Sax said...

Stay away from the bigelow, my friend. The last thing we need is you mellowing out! We need you (and VSIMH) active!!!

Roberto said...

@ Falling LEAVes (Linda) If Joe Torre comes to my house and gives me a one year supply of the Bigelow green tea plus a inspirational speech, then I'll drink it.

@ Sax - Exactly, no time to mellow. Focus ! Focus !